Campari: An Art Form for the Ages

This classic drink has inspired artists for over a century. The ever-evolving art changes with the times, as does the new calendar featuring Eva Mendes. The complementing web site explains the story of how…”Once upon a time a world existed of fantasies and secret desires, and how it was lost, as she, the personification of passion, crossed over into the real world. But now the land of dreams will shine brightly again as she returns, in the Campari Tales.

Campari is the classic expression of European style and taste, appreciated by those with a unique passion for life. Artists, adventurers and others pursuing “la dolce vita” have cherished its distinctive taste for more than a century. The Campari formulation is known only by one man in every generation and it is the most closely guarded secret in spirits. Today the iconic image of Campari celebrates its passionate past and sophisticated modern taste.

side-bar-11Passionate Beginnings

Gaspare Campari was born in 1828 in the Italian village Castelnuovo. At age fourteen, he was named apprentice drink maker at the famed Bass Bar in Turin. Here, in the onetime apéritif capital, Gaspare developed and perfected his eponymous creation using natural ingredients, including herbs, spices and fruit peels.

Gaspare settled in Milan and set up shop in front of the historic Duomo. Gaspare allowed rival café owners to sell his unbranded apéritif at their bars as long as they displayed a “Campari Bitters” sign. The Café Campari soon earned a reputation for quality worldwide. In 1860, he founded the Gruppo Campari.

Gaspare’s son, Davide, set the stage for Campari’s success in the international markets. Considered the forefather of color poster advertisements, Davide commissioned great contemporary artists to create Campari posters; a revolutionary first in the history of advertising.

Then Davide Fell In Love

By the age of fifteen, Lina Cavalieri of Viterbo was an orphan. Not content to live in a convent orphanage, she ran away and joined a theatrical troupe. After studying with the top Italian singers of her day, Lina grew up to perform in Europe’s great music halls. She captivated audiences with her light, pleasant voice, and entranced even more with her looks. Turning down frequent marriage proposals, she became known as “the greatest beauty in the world”.

Everyone fell in love with the opera star – including Davide Campari

linaSpellbound, Davide commissioned Lina’s portrait to advertise Campari. He was devastated when she left Italy on a world tour. Anxious to follow her but unable to leave his duties at Gruppo Campari, Davide made a desperate decision that would inadvertently transform Campari into the international brand it is today.

Telling his family it was time for Campari to enter the export market; he followed Lina to Nice and set up Campari’s first international depot. The next stop on Lina’s tour would become Campari’s second export market: Russia. New York, where Lina rose to a new height of fame at the Metropolitan Opera House, became yet another export market for Campari.

Davide died in 1936, after establishing Campari as the world’s top-selling bitters, a position it still holds today.

Source: www.campari.com

Campari® Unveils Enchanting 2008 Calendar Featuring International Superstar Eva Mendes

Twelve Months of Classic Fairy Tales Brought to Life by Alluring Beauty

eva-2A classic beauty, classic tales, all captured by the eye of a world renowned photographer. Campari is very pleased to announce its 2008 Campari calendar: “Campari Tales” – a mature, glamorous and glossy story book where internationally acclaimed actress Eva Mendes’ alluring sensuality and enchanting beauty are captured by the talented photographer Marino Parisotto’s lens.

Now in its ninth edition, the Campari Calendar’s imagery is immersed in fictional dreamscapes and is rich in dramatic narrative power. The fairy tale becomes a metaphor that strikes the imagination and infuses it with beauty and modern relevancy inspired by Campari’s unique passionate image.

evaThe stunningly beautiful and talented actress, Eva Mendes, stars in the calendar’s 12 fairytales with distinctive flair in every photograph.

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Eva Mendes starring in this year’s Campari Calendar,” says Umberto Luchini, Campari Brand Director. “Her beauty and style bring the images in Campari Tales to life like few could, visually interpreting the passion and allure that are hallmarks of the Campari brand.

Eva Mendes is American born of Cuban descent and famous for her blockbuster films like “Hitch,” “Ghost Rider” and the most recent, “We Own The Night.” She also stars in the upcoming “The Women” and “The Spirit.” Mendes responds to Parisotto’s lens with intriguing and conniving glances, infusing the Campari fairy tales with audacious sensuality.

“The Campari Calendar has been a truly unique experience,” says Eva Mendes. “I had never posed for a calendar before and I was thrilled that Campari has given me the opportunity to interpret these wonderful stories…who wouldn’t want to live a fairy tale, even if for a short while?”

The Campari Calendar’s photographer Marino Parisotto’s unique vision and shooting techniques make him a standout in the international art scene. He has been defined by Photo France as one of the top-ten photographers in the world.

The Campari Tales feature beasts and princes alongside the princess, but Eva’s co-star is unmistakably Campari. With its bold red strokes Campari emboldens the heroine and it becomes the red line that unifies and defines the Calendar as it has done so for the past nine years in previous editions.

The Campari Tales concept was developed by the Campari team together with Paris-based agency Callegari Bereville Grey.

The 2008 Campari Tales Calendar is printed in limited edition number of 9,999 copies and distributed internationally. More public information on the Calendar can be found at www.camparigroup.com. To experience the 2008 Campari Calendar online go to www.camparitales.com.

passionAbout Campari

Bold, passionate and completely unique, Campari makes a dry and refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed anytime. Hand-crafted according to the same secret family recipe invented in Italy in 1860, Campari is a unique blend of herbs and spices with orange as the predominant flavor. Campari’s patronage of the arts reflects the modern spirit of the brand as stylish, distinctive and creative. Campari is distributed and marketed in the US by SKYY Spirits, LLC.

About House of Campari

Founded by Campari and inspired by Campari’s century-long commitment to the arts, House of Campari acknowledges, supports and highlights the work of bold and distinctive emerging contemporary artists. Through its programming, House of Campari aspires to create experiences, inspire dialogue about contemporary visual arts, and provide a platform for cutting-edge artists to share their passion.

About SKYY Spirits, LLC

SKYY Spirits, LLC is the US-based wholly owned subsidiary of Gruppo Campari and the definitive marketer and distributor of super-premium and luxury spirits brands in North America. Launched in 1992 with the introduction of its flagship brand, SKYY Vodka, SKYY Spirits has grown exponentially, building a portfolio unrivaled in its quality, innovation and style, making it a top choice among distributors, retailers and consumers. SKYY Spirits manages Gruppo Campari’s portfolio in the US of such leading brands as SKYY90, SKYY Vodka, SKYY Flavors, Campari, Cinzano Vermouths, Ouzo 12, Aperol, Old Smuggler Scotch Whisky, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur and Jean-Marc XO Vodka. SKYY Spirits is also the exclusive US distributor of Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky, 1800 and Gran Centenario tequilas, The Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Matusalem Rums, Martin Miller’s Gins, Carolans Irish Cream, Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, Irish Mist Liqueur, Midori Melon Liqueur, ZEN Green Tea Liqueur and The Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky.

SKYY Spirits was founded and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Please enjoy SKYY Spirits brands responsibly and in moderation.

Passion Poster (pictured above)
Il Buono e il Brutto, The Good and the Bad, expresses the bold sensuality of classic Italian style while embodying the sinfully provocative taste. In the modern incarnation of this rich tradition, celebrated photographer and director Matthew Rolston has created iconic new images that echo the classic style of the vintage posters while capturing the bold and contemporary Campari experience.

Written By: Mike Raven