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Ponche De Tiki

ponchedetikiThis drink was inspired by the hot spiced ponche served in Mexico around Christmas. Many of the spices and flavors are similar to those used in classic mid-century exotic cocktails. I prefer a cold drink no matter the weather- the rum usually warms me up just fine.  This can be served individually or multiplied into a punch (combine all ingredients and chill for a few hours before serving in a punch bowl over ice)

1 oz Lime juice
1 oz Minneola juice (sub tangerine or in season oranges)
1 oz Pineapple juice
.5 oz Falernum
.5 oz Spiced Piloncillo Syrup*
1 oz Tejocote & guava puree**
1 oz White Rum (suggest Myers’s Platinum)
1 oz Cachaca
.5 oz Licor 43

Combine all ingredients into an ice filled cocktail shaker and shake like hell.  Strain into an ice filled collins glass and garnish with a stick of Mexican cinnamon and a stick of sugar cane. (you can adjust lime juice and Piloncillo syrup to taste)

*Piloncillo Syrup:
Piloncillo is a dark brown sugar sold in hard cones at Mexican Supermarkets.
To make the syrup, combine in a saucepan:

3 cones piloncillo
3 cups water
3 mexican cinnamon sticks
10 cloves.

simmer slowly and stir until the cones are dissolved completely.  Let cool, strain and bottle.

**Tejocote and guava puree:
Tejocotes are the fruit of the Hawthorn tree, and are like a small crab
apple.  Very hard to find fresh, but look for tejocotes packed in syrup in
mexican markets.  Put 1 pound pitted tejocotes and and 1/2 pound seeded
guavas into a blender and puree, adding water and a little syrup from the
tejocote jar to make sure the puree is liquid.

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