A discussion on plastic wine bottles and “bag in a box”

By: Mike Raven, Managing Editor

Recently I have been reading a lot about wine being sold in plastic bottles. The “30 Second Wine Advisor”, a daily news and information source that is sent to me, recently ran an article about the Australians selling wine locally in these “Coke” type bottles and discussed the pros and cons of it. Now, I personally wish we could get more fine wines in “The Box,” as they call it. At home this allows me to have my glass of wine with dinner without depending on hoping my vacu-vin or gas layer works, the bladder always works!  In my opinion, and I am a wine guy from way back, It makes for a handy and fun way to dispense wine. I’m still not sure about restaurant use, I guess if wines like KJ or Clos du Bois start using these packages, things might get started.

I would love to hear your point of view on the following matters.

Would you ever sell wine in a plastic bottle? 

Would you use a “Bladder Box” in your restaurant to sell by the glass?

Would you like to see more fine wines available in a “Box”?

Can we come up with another name for “Wine in a Box”, it’s so unflattering.