Arcoroc – Making Your Restaurant

Tell us your story! Become the next Arcoroc original REGISTER

It’s such a reflection of you.

You know that awesome restaurant you’re about to launch? The one you’ve poured all your blood, sweat and tears into?

We’re all ears to learn about it—from start to finish. Tell us, tell all, and get with the program—our restaurant start-up program, that is.

Simply register and share your restaurant concept with us. By registering, you will automatically qualify to become an Arcoroc Original, with the chance to win a $15,000 (list price) tabletop installation for your new operation. As part of our start-up program, everyone is a winner! All who register will receive a special purchase incentive on their opening order of Arcoroc products.


Potential Arcoroc Originals can begin by doing a quick mental check:

  • Are you a chef or entrepreneur embarking on a new hotel, restaurant or nightclub project?


  • Are you an independent and creative thinker with lots of passion for your new business?


  • Are you honest and open about the trials and tribulations of opening a business, willing to share those experiences with your peers across the country?


Three checks and it’s time to click the register button! You’ll be on your way to being evaluated as the next Arcoroc Original!

YOU-AS AN ARCOROC ORIGINALAre you an Arcoroc original?

If yours is chosen as an Arcoroc Original:

We’ll work as a team to ensure your new concept will be as successful as possible.

We’ll set your tables, letting you choose from a wide selection of Arcoroc products ($15,000 product list value) to outfit your tabletops for a successful launch.

We’ll create a sharing place, on Twitter and on our campaign blog, for you to openly discuss all the ins and outs of opening a new/food business; the challenges and rewards, the guts and the glory. You will also be represented on videos and photos.

We’ll put you in an industry leadership role. As an Arcoroc leader, other entrepreneurs will be inspired by you. You will also be supported and surrounded by your industry peers.

Our panel of corporate personnel and outside consultants will evaluate each and every Arocoroc Original submission. If you are chosen as a candidate, we will contact you directly to conduct a personal interview. Everyone interviewed will receive a $300 Arcoroc gift card. A total of four Arcoroc Originals will be selected (one per quarter) between 2009 – 2010.

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