A Celtic Celebration

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Whether you’re Irish, of Irish descent or simply “Irish for a day”, we have put together a few ways to celebrate.


If you wish to stay in, why not watch an Irish movie? John Ford’s 1952 classic “The Quiet Man” (John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara) has beautiful views of the Irish countryside; “The Commitments” (Irish musicians bringing soul music to the people of Dublin), based on Roddy Doyle’s novel; “Boondock Saints” (2010 is the 10th anniversary of this Irish Mob thriller), or find your favorite at the Irish in Film website. If you’re looking for an evening out, head down to your local Irish pub where, with the “luck of the Irish”, you may be able to join in on some fun drinking songs like “Whiskey in the Jar”, “Black Velvet Band”, “Wild Rover”, and of course “Danny Boy”. As you’re getting ready to go out, get in the mood by listening to U2, Black 47, Snow Patrol, The Pogues, Sinead O’Connor and The Cranberries.


While at the pub, try a little taste of “The Old Country”. The perennial favorite, Corned Beef and Cabbage, is always a hit. Or branch out to try Colcannon, Bangers and Mash or Shepherd’s Pie. If all you have time for is a sandwich, the Reuben is the way to go. Waiting till Friday to celebrate? Remember it’s Lent and go for the Fish and Chips with malt vinegar instead of catsup. Oh, and don’t forget a slice of Irish Soda Bread slathered with real butter!!!


celtic-drinkNow we’re talking! There are many Irish beverages available you can celebrate with. For import beer fans, try Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, or Smithwick’s Ale (pronounced “Smid-ick’s”). If you prefer to stick with domestic brews, George Killian’s Irish Red, Samuel Adams Irish Red, and in the Northeast, Harpoon’s seasonally available Celtic Ale are all good choices. If you are the designated driver, or if you simply prefer a non-alcoholic alternative, there’s always O’Doul’s (it may not be Irish, but it sounds like it is!)

Prefer to try Irish Whiskey (from the Irish “uisce beatha” or “water of life”)? There are many to choose from such as Jameson, Bushmill’s, or Tullamore Dew. Check out our in the Mix article, Irish Whiskey Hits Its Stride for more suggestions or descriptions of these. If you’re looking for some suggestions for drinking your Irish whiskey, there’s the Irish Boilermaker – a shot of Irish whiskey dropped in your favorite lager OR the Irish Three-Way – a shot of Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey dropped in a half pint of Guinness. To finish your evening, Irish Coffee is the way to go. Originating at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco, CA, this delicious concoction is the perfect choice. Visit their website for a little history of the Irish Coffee as well as step by step directions to make your own.

Let us know how you celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day. Feel free to leave us a comment!

Remember to drink responsibly; if necessary, ask your bartender to phone for a cab, or call 1-800-Taxi-Cab to be connected to a cab company in your area.


Thanks to Kristen Araoz Gridley for her input!