Cape Cod

For most of my youth, summers were spent on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My family is from New England, and my grandmother’s summer rental house and small caretaker’s cottage we spent time in is still in the family. I look forward to our short trip this summer to reacquaint myself with those fond memories as well as share them and make new ones with my husband and son.

In researching ideas for this blog, I ran across an interesting date in history. On this day, March 26, in 1602, explorer Bartholomew Gosnold named Cape Cod. And for me, Cape Cod not only reminds me of the sandy dune beaches and cool salt breezes, it also reminds me of one of my favorite warm weather cocktails, the Cape Cod (also known as Cape Codder). Named Cape Cod due to the cranberry bogs on the Cape, this tart, light and refreshing drink is made with vodka and cranberry juice with lime. Introduced in the 1950’s on The Cape (at the time with the addition of water and sugar), this cocktail gained widespread popularity in the 1970’s, losing the water and sugar along the way.

This combination is also the base for other summertime favorites such as the Sea Breeze (adding grapefruit juice), the Bay Breeze (adding pineapple juice), the Madras (adding orange juice) and the Cosmopolitan (adding triple sec).

The Cape Cod - a refreshing, light and tart cocktail perfect for warm weather.So join me today in celebrating the upcoming warmer weather, late afternoons walking sandy beaches and raise a glass to Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod

1.5 oz. Smirnoff Vodka (or your favorite)

3 oz. Ocean Spray© Cranberry Juice

Lime wedge

To an ice filled glass add the vodka and cranberry juice. Stir. Garnish with the lime.