Cocktail Recipes

Claremont Smash

This recipe is featured in Tony’s story, “Make Mine A Mint Julep Please!” featured in the spring 2010 issue of in the Mix Magazine.

Claremont SmashIngredients:

1½ oz knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey

¾ oz falernum syrup

10-12 spearmint leaves

3 dashes Fee’s Peach Bitters

1½ oz fresh sour

Pineapple spear for garnish


In a mixing glass muddle spearmint leaves with the falernum syrup, fill glass with ice and bitters, fresh sour, and Knob Creek, and shake until well blended. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with crushed ice and stir until the outside of the glass begins to frost. Garnish with a spear of pineapple and sprig of mint. I like to rim the lip of the glass with the pineapple as well.

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