Grant Grill, US Grant, Luxury Collection Hotel

Grant Grill, US Grant, Luxury Collection Hotel
326 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

chris-kurthThe Grant Grill has an established reputation for using boutique farmers’ market produce and premium locally-caught seafood. The spiny lobster season runs from October through early spring in San Diego and the delicacy is highly sought after in the local market. The brightness of this dish, complimented by the sweetness of the apples, the measured bitterness from the greens, and the acid from the Valencia orange, creates a kaleidoscope of vivid flavors. The Buddha’s Hand cocktail, like the spiny lobster dish, plays on the indigenous concept of the Grant Grill by using local farmers’ market citrus, resulting in a perfect combination of seasonal, citrus-inspired food and beverage flavors.

Chef Chris Kurth was part of the reopening of the US Grant in 2007 and has a decorated biography including tours at Alize in Las Vegas and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. His farm-to-table cuisine is heavily influenced by carefully maintained contacts with local farmers’ markets.

jeff-josenhansJeff Josenhans, Director of Outlets at the US Grant, is a certified sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers and has an extensive background in mixology and outlet management. He spent 12 years in Scandinavia, where he made a name for himself in the beverage industry, being featured in several Swedish commercial and industry publications and also appearing on Swedish local television. He believes in beverage concepts that complement the ambience of the bar and the cuisine of the restaurant.

Pairing: Local Spiny Lobster and Buddha’s Hand

Local Spiny Lobster

Sunchoke puree, heirloom apples, mustard greens, Valencia oranges, Satsuma tangerine segments, kaffir lime

Poach half a lobster tail in butter with Buddha’s Hand, bergamot orange, and kaffir lime.
Puree sunchoke with cream, salt, and pepper.
Lay poached lobster tail over sunchoke puree.
Garnish with quartered Empire apples, Satsuma tangerine segments, and mustard greens.

lobster-buddha-pairing“Buddha’s Hand”

3 oz Buddha’s Hand infused Ketel One vodka
1.5 oz aromatized simple syrup (aromatized with orange blossom water, juniper berry)
1 Meyer lemon
Crushed ice

Muddle half a Meyer lemon in large rocks glass.
Add crushed ice over muddled lemon.
In a shaker, press other half of Meyer lemon, add vodka and simple syrup.
Shake and strain over crushed ice into glass.
Garnish with Buddha’s Hand fruit.