Introducing – The Jaded Traveler Blog

All I want is a room somewhere…

With this in mind a few tiny elements should accompany the process of business travel that can bring a smile to my face and keep my horrific eye rolling habit at bay. Really people, it’s quite simple. Am I asking for too much? Let’s see now…

The drive to the airport should be stress free with no traffic delays. I expect to breeze through security checkpoints without being yelled at, have my carry-on searched or my body frisked. The Delta Sky Club shall be spotless and offer the freshest brewed coffee imaginable. My flight will NOT be delayed due to approaching storms from the west or a mechanical issue of any kind. Flight attendants will all be in good moods, my fellow passengers will not cough or sneeze on my head and not a single bump of turbulence will be felt during the journey. Upon arrival at a fabulous and hopefully exotic location my imposing, beat up green suitcase will miraculously arrive first on the conveyor belt.  The hotel room or suite if I’m upgraded shall possess certain exceptional qualities such as cleanliness, a comfy bed, an inviting shower with great water pressure, high end lotion, soap and shampoo and a jaw dropping view of some kind preferably a glistening blue sea.  A warm greeting and service with a smile is always a refreshing relief in today’s sometimes less than polite world of frantic globetrotting. And oh yes, the sun will be shining brightly each and every day.

Close friends and family who are not in the beverage hospitality business have no idea how hard you work and of the enormous time and energy that is spent in order to make your numbers and build your company’s edge. All they see are the sometimes glamorous trips taken and endless divine wine & spirits cocktail parties and dinners.  Many of you are undoubtedly bombarded with comments like, “nice life” and “can I fit into your suitcase?”  Yes, this eclectic industry has its perks but for every hour of relaxation or contentment you might feel while traveling, they can rest assured there were perhaps 6 or more hours of hell to pay in order to get there.

Business travelers in the beverage hospitality industry are often harried and exhausted out there on the road several weeks out of the month. It is my heartfelt desire and goal to bring a viable outlet to you with the creation of my oh-so tongue in cheek blog, The Jaded Traveler.

I invite each and every one of you to open up and share your sometimes intensely frustrating travel experiences along with those moments of pure joy and reward that can come your way while on the road, making it all so worthwhile. Often when you least expect it. Nothing is too mundane or too outlandish for this blog so go for it!

W E L CO M E and I look forward to chatting with you soon.

Helen Benefield Billings

The Jaded Traveler