Mixology Minute: Earth Day

It’s Earth Day, and you may be wondering what you can do to beverage-wise to honor the earth. Below, an organic cocktail recipe. Enjoy! If you have your own earth friendly drink recipe, send it along.

Prairie Bootleg

Fill a tall glass with ice, add 1 oz bootleg mix (recipe below), 1 oz Prairie Organic Vodka, fill with charged/sparkling water, stir and enjoy.

Bootleg Mix

In a blender combine the following:

2 – 12 oz Cans of frozen lemonade (organic if possible)

1 – 12 oz Can of frozen limeade (organic if possible)

1 cup Finely minced, fresh organic mint leaves

1 cup Simple syrup (1 part water & 2 parts organic cane sugar, brought to a boil in a sauce pan and cooled).

Blend together, place in bottle or pitcher and let sit in fridge for an hour or two.

Stir or shake prior to using. Yields approximately about 30 servings.