picture courtesy of www.news.nationalgeographic.com

The recent eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano and the ensuing giant plumes of ash wreaked havoc on some 10 million travelers worldwide. This situation is still ongoing, changing day by day. It is my understanding that the last eruption of Eyjafjallajokull was in 1821 and lasted for some 2 years.

As we all know by now volcanic ash clouds can clog jet engines rendering them helpless – not something to be taken lightly, even for jaded business travelers like us.

A new rule was introduced in the UK on Tuesday allowing planes to fly through higher ash clouds if, and only if, the airlines receive a pledge from their engine makers guaranteeing the planes can withstand the ash and operate properly. Huh? OK…

I can’t help but wonder how all of you feel about this. Would you want to be on one of the “guinea pig” planes, literally fresh out of the gate heading through the higher ash clouds? Seriously, imagine going through turbulence at the exact same time you are engulfed in an ash cloud? Could you trust the airlines to follow said strict guidelines and not put passenger’s lives at risk?

Also, were any of you affected by this eruption and the subsequent ash clouds hovering around Europe during travel for either business or pleasure? Please don’t be shy…we’d like to hear your stories.

picture courtesy of www.news.nationalgeographic.com

Happy and safe travels everyone,

Helen Billings
The Jaded Traveler