Have you hugged a TSA Agent today?

Navigating the airport is the first tedious chore to face before boarding your flight…

For the business traveler, navigating the airport is most certainly the first tedious chore to face before boarding your flight and arriving at your intended destination. Hopefully you’ll get there in a safe, timely, and hassle free fashion with your head on straight…if only it were that simple!

One must stand in line for a boarding pass if you haven’t already checked in and printed your pass at home. Then there’s the security line and in Atlanta the TSA Agents are vocal and somewhat zealous to say the least. In fact, I dare say they enjoy yelling which I find particularly worrisome especially for those visiting our fair city anticipating Southern hospitality. The best advice is to stay calm and quiet. You know the drill: Take out your laptop and throw it in a tub along with your shoes, jacket and any TSA approved carry-on liquids in 3 oz. or less containers in the little plastic bag. Push them gently into the x-ray scanner and stand on your tippy toes on the germ infested floor as you wait for the agent to signal you through the metal detector. I strongly advise no eye contact!

Your tax dollars at work

Once at your gate you visually scan the area looking for a desirable seat preferably next to someone with good hygiene that is not inhaling a stinky meatball sub or fried chicken dinner from the nearby food court. With a certain amount of luck your flight will be on time and you’ll be on your way.

Business travelers undoubtedly have silver, gold and even platinum medallion statuses with one or more airlines as they are always going. Delta Airlines is really the only choice if you live in the metro Atlanta area and as many of you know things have gotten mighty confusing since the merger with Northwest.  Rebecca Smith, Account Manager with Monin Gourmet Flavorings is one such Delta Medallion flyer living in Atlanta feeling somewhat bewildered by so many confusing changes in such a short span of time. Delta is now calling the special boarding privileges given to Medallion flyers Sky Priority. What was once known as Sky Elite morphed into a Breezeway lane (which was really lame as the lane was hardly ever open!) and finally Sky Priority – whew! Change is inevitable and can sometimes be a positive, albeit confusing reality. Hopefully, Delta will get their ducks in a row and show their loyal Medallion passengers some love! (Don’t count on it).

My question for you today is: If you were in charge of the TSA or perhaps the airline itself what would you change in order to provide a safer more pleasant environment for the traveling public? In particular, the often underappreciated, misunderstood BUSINESS TRAVELER?

Happy travels and I hope to hear from you soon!

Helen Billings