Skinny Margaritas — When Less is More

By: Robert Plotkin

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It wasn’t all that long ago that a rum and Diet Coke was typically referred to as a SKINNY BITCH. Kinda harsh, huh? Fortunately attitudes in bars toward reduced calorie drinks have changed, which is welcome news to the growing legions of carb-counting, weight-conscious Americans looking to sip seriously marvelous cocktails without immediately gaining inches around their waists.

Yet creating low-calorie cocktails can be more challenging than it may sound. Take for example the country’s bestselling cocktail, the Margarita. A 12-ounce Margarita contains between 7 and 27 grams of carbohydrates and 250 and 740 calories depending on the various ingredients used. That’s fattening enough to cause many people to pass on ordering the drink altogether.

In this case, the villain isn’t the tequila. For one thing it’s the featured performer and the driving force behind the cocktail’s popularity. In addition, a jigger of tequila is only 97 calories and contains no carbs.

Next on the roster of ingredients is the orange modifier, be it triple sec or premium Cointreau. Although it varies slightly by brand, a jigger of triple sec can add up to 155 calories and 17 grams of carbs. The choice of modifier is where you can begin trimming away some of the fat, so to speak.

Recently introduced Monin Sugar Free Triple Sec is an alcohol-free alternative with no calories and only 4 grams of carbs. It has a zesty citrus bouquet and the flavor of freshly peeled oranges, considerably livelier and more vibrant than those conventionally stocked behind the bar. The lightweight, velvety smooth syrup finishes crisp and clean; again something that can’t be said for its alcoholic counterparts. The absence of alcohol won’t be missed in the least.

The prime waist-expanding culprit in a Margarita is the principal ingredient, namely the sugar-laden sweet ‘n’ sour. A two-ounce portion of most Margarita mixes contains 17 grams of sugar or more. If you’re looking to create a skinnier version of the cocktail, retooling the composition of the base mix presents a significant window of opportunity.

A scratch Margarita mix made without processed sugar contains a mere 15 calories per 2-ounce portion. The process of devising a sensational low-calorie mix begins with fresh lime juice. However, instead of relying on sugar to balance the tartness use an artificial sweetener. Again, Monin has the ideal product for just such a purpose.

Monin Sugar Free Liquid Sweetener is a premium sugar substitute made from a unique combination of Splenda and all-natural Eridex. The crystal clear sweetener dissolves instantly in hot or cold beverages. More importantly, it has a true-to-sugar finish, unlike the metallic aftertaste that plagues other sugar substitutes.

Most Margarita scratch mixes—skinny or not—call for 3 parts lime juice to 1 part of sweetener (3:1). If the resulting mix is deemed too tart, shift the proportions closer toward 2:1. It should also be noted that many a great fresh mix has been crafted with more than just lime juice. Adding a splash or two of fresh orange, lemon or grapefruit juice is a proven way to add more dimension and pizazz and give your skinny Margaritas a leg up on the competition—if they even offer them at all.

Skinny Yet Satisfying

At some point in the conversation the question arises whether there’s consumer demand for these calorie-reduced drinks. Well, Houlihan’s apparently thinks so. They recently test-marketed a drink menu with an assortment of skinny cocktails that included the SKINNY SUPERFRUIT MARGARITA (Effen Black Cherry Vodka and a blend of cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate juice.) Response was so enthusiastic that the chain has now expanded the program to all of its company locations.

Another scale-friendly cocktail is the LOOK BETTER NAKED MARGARITA, a specialty with more health benefits than an HMO. The drink is the handiwork of Adam Seger, general manager, sommelier and world-class bar chef at mega-popular Nacional 27 restaurant in downtown Chicago.

“We cater to a health-conscious clientele so I look to create great tasting cocktails loaded with healthy, low-calorie ingredients,” says Seger. “This Margarita is made with all-natural Partida Reposado 100% Agave Tequila, organic açai juice, organic agave nectar, rosemary, organic egg white and freshly squeezed lime juice. The drink is swimsuit-friendly and loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, protein and vitamins. How can you beat that?”

The HIP-SHRINKING ‘RITA is a sensational skinny cocktail featuring Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Monin Sugar Free Triple Sec, Monin Sugar Free Sweetener, fresh lime juice and ruby red grapefruit juice. The drink is easy to prepare, easy to drink, and at less than 120 calories, it’s easy on the waistline.

Equally delicious is the LOOKIN’ PEACHY MARGARITA, a low-calorie specialty ideal for summer promotion. It derives much of its fetching personality from Monin Sugar Free Peach Syrup. The cocktail is so aromatic and luscious that it’s difficult to think of it as anything but delicious.

And that’s the point. Skinny Margaritas can be just as palate pleasing as their belly-bulging counterparts. Today, adding the tag “low-cal, low-carb” to a menu description can lead to healthier sales and a more attractive clientele.


Look Better Naked Margarita

Hip-Shrinking ‘Rita

Lookin’ Peachy Margarita

Downsizing ‘Rita

Clearly many in this business think Americans believe that if some is good, more is better. It’s the only plausible explanation for marketing mega-Margaritas in birdbath-sized glasses. Like triple-decker burgers, they scream of excess and over-indulgence. If you’re looking for ways to shore-up sagging sales and attract a more health-conscious clientele, the essential first step is offering reasonably portioned drinks crafted with fresh, high quality ingredients.

The fact is circus-size Margaritas contain an obscene amount of calories and pudge-producing carbs. It’s also difficult to believe that such voluminous drinks are made with quality products, be it the tequila, modifier or base sour mix. Low quality, high alcohol and excessively fattening hardly make for a viable marketing proposition.

Be assured the best course of action is serving reasonably portioned Margaritas made with the best possible ingredients. Likewise, promoting the use of an all-natural sweetener like agave nectar is equally advantageous.

Health benefits notwithstanding, there’s another reason to downsize your Margaritas. Handshaking the cocktail causes it to become highly aerated. However, its zeal and exuberance is short-lived. The drink is therefore best consumed shortly after leaving the mixing tin, before the magic dissipates. That’s tough to do with a cocktail served in a bucket.


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