Spotlight Bartender – Terry Roberson

777 South Flagler Drive

West Palm Beach, FL 33401


in the Mix recently interviewed Terry Roberson of Morton’s The Steakhouse. He is the senior bartender at the West Palm Beach location.

ITM: You work for such a great brand, Morton’s The Steakhouse. What is your history with this restaurant?

TR: It is a privilege to go to work everyday. I have been with Morton’s for thirteen years now. I started as a server and then moved into the bar. I am blessed to have met so many great people along the way.

ITM: You offer some great selections on your “Power Hour” menu at the 1221 Bar. What are some of your patrons’ favorites?

TR: We have a great bar menu! The mini prime cheeseburgers and the blue cheese French fries are a match made in heaven. The mini crab cakes could rival any of those from Maryland. Colossal shrimp cocktail and oysters on the half shell are also a big hit. The bar guests love the Palm Beacher, and this pineapple-infused Skyy vodka is simply delicious. Vodka martinis with blue cheese-stuffed olives, cosmos, and mojitos are other favorites.

ITM: The wine by the glass selection is always superb; Tylor Field III makes sure of that. What kind of seasonal offerings will be in the works for spring/summer?

TR: Tylor is amazing!! He brought in a great selection this spring, from bold reds to crisp, light whites. The St. Supery Elu’ Meritage is bold and silky smooth and would pair well with a New York strip. Pinot noirs are also big on the list this spring, and the Tony Soter is my favorite. Spring and summer are great times to enjoy white wine. Sonoma Cutrer is a buttery chardonnay and a favorite of chardonnay drinkers. Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc and I’M Mondavi chardonnay are both light and crisp with hints of citrus, and can be paired with crab, shrimp, lobster cocktails, and other treasures from the sea.

ITM: What makes being a mixologist at Morton’s special?

TR: At Morton’s we only serve the finest products available, and we also value each other. We work hard but still manage to have fun. Being a mixologist at Morton’s is special because of all the great people I get to work with, and the people I meet on a daily basis.

ITM: Finally, the all important cocktail recommendation for spring – what do you suggest?

TR: Summer is a great time of year to enjoy that Brazilian classic, caipirinha. Traditionally caipirinhas are made with cachaça, a potent Brazilian spirit. The translation of caipirinha loosely means uncivilized. It gets this name because the caipirinha is actually prepared and served in the same glass. I suggest trying a variation on the caipirinha this summer using the Veev acai berry spirit, which is great in this cocktail. Cut four wedges of lime in half; in an old-fashioned glass, muddle the limes with one ounce of Monin pure cane syrup. Muddle until the juices and essence of lime oil are released from the peels. Add ice and two ounces of Veev acai berry spirit. Stir well, add fresh berries for garnish, and then sit back and enjoy.