Mixology Minute: Happy Birthday

Today is the 270th birthday of John Jameson. No, not Man-Wolf of Marvel Comics fame, the distiller of Jameson Irish Whiskey. The Jameson Whiskey website has many great, fun facts regarding the man and the whiskey which made him famous. A few things that stood out:

  1. Jameson Irish Whiskey BottleJameson was not Irish, but Scottish, though the Irish adopted him (and his whiskey) readily
  2. Sine Metu is the family motto, meaning “without fear”, and was awarded the family for bravery against pirates on the high seas
  3. John was one heck of a swimmer, diving into the drink to save a barrel that went overboard, coming on shore with the lost barrel as the entire country was mourning his loss.

Well, number 3 is admittedly an ad they share here, Jameson Ad, but it makes for fun times; and how can you celebrate in true Irish style without a bit of the blarney to go with it?

So, let’s lift a glass of Jameson to celebrate its father, John.

If straight up or on the rocks isn’t your style, why not try a Jameson and Apple? Mix one part Jameson with two parts fresh pressed apple juice for a crisp, cool fall taste.