Tipple Tuesday: Gnarly

In case you weren’t sure, a tipple doesn’t HAVE to be Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin
a mixed drink. It can be anything that is alcoholic.  Therefore yes, wine does indeed count. In light of that, we wanted to bring a group of tasty wines to your attention that we were fortunate to try recently… Gnarly Head, from DFV Wines.

With the introduction of Pinot Noir in January of this year, Gnarly Head wines now offer six varietals including Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, and Chardonnay. The website, found here, targets adventurous and fun-loving wine drinkers. The wines themselves are a bold set of offerings for a bold demographic.

Though great on their own, these wines all pair nicely with foods that have strong flavor profiles. With the reds, think barbecue, pizza or other spicy Italian dishes. With the whites, think spicy Asian, chicken or seafood dishes (mmm blackened shrimp Caesar salad, anyone?). In addition, Gnarlier Head Old Vine Zin has an even bolder, more robust flavor profile.

More information and full tasting notes as well as a few fun items like recipes and a photo sharing page are also available on the site. You can find Gnarly Head in the social arena on Facebook here.