Tipple Tuesday: A-Wassailing

As it is the season for wassailing, and most of the US has been hit with a heck of a cold snap over the past few days, this week’s tipple is for warming up.

Hot mulled cider, of which wassail is one, was once a part of a traditional Medieval ceremony in southern Europe called, not surprisingly, wassailing. This drinking and singing ceremony was done to the health of the cider apple trees as well as to ward off evil spirits in hopes of an abundant fall harvest. The ceremonies were distinct to each village, but they usually included the crowning of a King and Queen, the singing of a song and some sort of ritual and incantation.

Though today’s recipes are likely much different from those of yore (I haven’t seen a recipe with the traditional slices of toast floating on top),  they do all include a variety of spices, a fruit juice/wine/cider/ale base, and some sort of spirit to liven it up.

Today’s recipe hails from The Lime Tree Cove’s Chief Mixologist Tim McCaffery.

BACARDI Hot Mulled CiderHot Mulled Cider

2 oz. BACARDI Superior Rum

1 cup Apple cider

1 tablespoon Honey or sugar

2 Cloves

Dash of Allspice

Lime Tree Cove Cinnamon Harvest Cocktail Sugar

Combine all ingredients and beat. Strain into glass or ceramic mug rimmed with Cinnamon Harvest Cocktail Sugar.

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