Cucumber Collins

Tipple Tuesday - Cucumber Collins - Joey Scorza

Joey Scorza is a veteran bartender that has been with InterContinental Miami for 25 years, known for creating impromptu, on-the-spot creations for customers who are undecided about what to have.

Cucumber Collins
1 ½ oz Hendricks Gin
1 thick slice Cucumber (cut in quarters)
Muddle in glass
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
2 oz Sour mix
Shake well
Top with Club Soda
Served in a Highball glass
Garnish: Cucumber Wheel

Samuel Adams Noble Pils - Tipple Tuesday Samuel Adams Noble Pils is brewed according to the Bohemian tradition. We start with a special Bohemian spring barley that has been crafted using old world, labor intensive techniques, called floor malting. This traditional malt adds a rich malt character and a distinct pilsner flavor to the beer. The beer is also brewed with all five Noble hop varieties to deliver a fresh and citrusy hop aroma and flavor. Noble hops are grown in the world’s oldest growing regions in Bavaria and the Czech Republic and are prized for their delicate aroma and flavor. Each of the five Noble hop varieties adds a slightly different aroma and flavor to the beer, from citrus and spice to pine and floral. The result is a beer that is crisp, complex and refreshing. Its bright flavor and lively, citrus hop character remind us that the warm days of spring are just a few weeks away.

Quiz answerWhy is the first day of spring called the Vernal Equinox? The first day of spring is also called the vernal equinox. “Vernal” and “equinox” are Latin terms meaning “spring” and “equal night” respectively. The idea is that on the first day of spring there are exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness, but it rarely works out that way. There is always a time each spring, and again each fall, when the hours of light and darkness are equal, but it usually occurs before the vernal equinox and after the autumnal equinox.