Boxed Wines Are So Last Decade

Barrel-to-Barrel Concept - Deloach Vineyards

Being a pioneer is not easy, so when Jean-Charles Boisset set out in 2007 to bridge the gap between eco-friendly packaging and the need for elegant and refined packaging, it took a serious amount of “R&D”.

The result is the Barrel-to-Barrel Concept; Pinot Noir is available from DeLoach Vineyards AND Cabernet Sauvignon is available from Raymond Vineyards. The national average on a 10L Eco Bag is $120/10L (a regular case of wine is 9.0L).

The Washington Post’s March 21st, 2011 article on Boisset’s innovation was entitled: “Boxed wines are so last decade. So one vintner is reaching back even further with barrel wines”. It’s true – a simple concept used for millennia, pouring wine from a barrel – and this time with a major twist to catch this concept up to the 21st century.

Convenience: East to use, easy to serve
Save money: no breakage, less waste in your trash
Make money: conversation piece which turns back-bar space into something that brings revenue.
Fresh Wine: no oxidation, fresh up to 6 weeks, no cork taint
Eco-Friendly: 99% less packaging than glass means 75% reduction in carbon footprint

Unlike kegs, which then have to be transported back to the winery to be filled (increasing the carbon footprint significantly), the “eco-bag” packaging is 100% recyclable, just load in the next eco-bag, takes about ten seconds.

Barrels and Eco-Bags are available in all states, including Texas. (excl. VA and PA) The benefits are numerous.

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DeLoach VineyardsBarrel-to-Barrel - Deloach Vineyards

DeLoach Vineyards, owned by the Boisset family of Burgundy, France, pioneered Pinot Noir winegrowing in the Russian River Valley.

As a Russian River original, DeLoach Vineyards has earned recognition as one of California’s premier producers of Pinot Noir.

Certi\u001ffied organic and biodynamic (Demeter), DeLoach Vineyards continues to lead in terms of the environment by aiming to reduce packaging waste for your BTG programs, through the Barrel to Barrel to Barrel concept.

DeLoach Winery has been voted “Winery of the Year” ten times by Wine & Spirits Magazine.

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Raymond Vineyards

Raymond Vineyards, one of the Napa Valley’s iconic, pioneering wineries, celebrated its first harvest in 1974.Barrel-to-Barrel - Raymond Vineyards

Raymond has continued its tradition of family winemaking by becoming a part of the Boisset Family Estates collection of wineries in August 2009.

The signature Barrel to Barrel program was rolled out to the trade in March 2011, showcasing an unfined, unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon.

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