GIN Tasting


Gin TastingGin, with its history and properness, resides high in the ranks of regal cocktail creators. Gin is almost always laced with the king of botanicals, juniper, which gives it the piney forest scent it’s famous for. Then other botanicals are added by the distiller to create the unique flavor desired; among them are roots, barks, seeds and pods, spices, flowers, berries, nuts, and vegetables. These additional botanicals are added during the distillation phase according to a strict recipe, to retain a consistent flavor, bottle after bottle. Please join me in evaluating and getting to know a few of the gins on today’s market.

Gin: Tanqueray Editor’s Choice
Supplier: Diageo
Origin: England
Notes: London Dry 94.6 proof
Charles Tanqueray was born on 27th March 1810. He rejected the expected career of ‘clergyman’ and instead set up the Vine Street Distillery in Bloomsbury, London in 1830, with the intention of creating the finest London Dry style gin. He experimented with many ingredients, testing the finest botanicals from around the world. After extensive trials, Charles discovered a wonderfully balanced recipe bronze gamma award winner 2012that combined a rich, full flavor and a bold, invigorating taste, and Tanqueray gin was born. Charles’ complex combination of the finest botanicals and spices met with instant approval and success. The rest is history. Charles approached his work like an artist. He possessed a great passion for developing the finest spirit and was dedicated to researching and exploring the world of gin. Charles died in 1868 at the age of 58 years.

Color: Clear and bright, a little shiny.

Nose: Light and piney, forest-like.

Flavor: Soft entrance that gracefully fills your palate with a glowing rich flavor of its finely chosen botanicals. A classic London Dry. The finish dances on the tongue and leaves a lasting flavor awaiting the next tipple. Simply Outstanding!



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