Take 5 with Bradley Moore

Bradley Moore - Interstate Hotels and ResortsBradley Moore is the Corporate Director of Food & Beverage Operations for Interstate Hotels & Resorts, where he has worked for the last 19 years.

Interstate is the United States’ largest independent hotel management company. The company and its affiliates manage and/or have ownership interests in 227 hotels with more than 45,000 rooms in 36 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Belgium, Russia, and India.

In his current role, Bradley oversees the department and direction of food and beverage for Interstate. He provides concept development for new projects and manages the food and beverage marketing plan, menus, and promotions. His nearly 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry have given him the opportunity to work with most major hotel brands in addition to independent luxury resorts.

Bradley is a member of branded franchise food and beverage advisory boards and has been recognized with several industry awards for outstanding food and beverage programs.

Bradley, thanks for spending some time with in the Mix.

ITM: You’ve worked a long time with IHR – 19 years, with 30 years in the business. Were you always on the food and beverage end of it?

BM: Yeah, believe it or not – bars and clubs in the early days, then clubs in hotels, and eventually food…thank god!

ITM: What kinds of trends such as craft beer or tiki drinks are happening in the hotels that you would like to implement more of?

BM: Transitioning more trends into catering. Last fall we rolled out a new punch program that was a huge success and helped to combat the deteriorating beverage checks in catering.

ITM: Do you integrate social media into your F&B plan or do you leave that up to the outlets?

BM: We have independent hotels that do an outstanding job but for the branded hotels, we follow the brand message and the hotels highlight what they’re doing individually.

ITM: You have had some great promotions at IHR. Do you have a favorite?

BM: Probably the current promotion where we’re introducing a new hamburger, the Fatty Patty. You could say we are entering the Burger Wars.

ITM: IHR has a lot of brands. How do you manage the beverage programs of many different “personalities” with one program?

BM: It’s a tiered approached with a lot of massaging. The tiers are based on annualized outlet sales, brand standards, and ownership directives.