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The Hanger 1 Vodka Blimp Tour

Proximo Spirits & Hangar One ® Vodka are grabbing national attention with a new aerial and online campaign as unique as the hand-made vodka itself.  In a nod to the brand’s aerial heritage, Hangar One distillers will crisscross the country in their newly commissioned 120’ long blimp, hosting cocktail contests, blimp rides and Hangar One picnics with a fully functional vintage Hangar One Airstream trailer and a 15 person flight crew. The distillers will stop in over 30 cities to talk to consumers and trade about their process for making the craft vodka, their newest flavors, and the story behind the brand.

The “Straight” spirit is made from Midwestern wheat blended with an eau de vie of Viognier grapes which takes the harsh ethanol bite right out of the spirit. The result is a straight vodka that has a sweet, smooth and satisfying feel.

Hangar 1 offers the following seasonal flavors:

“Buddha’s Hand Citron” – Buddha’s Hand isn’t just a funny-looking lemon. It’s actually the lemon’s great grandfather. And like all great lineage, its flavors and aromas are deeper than a standard lemon.

“Mandarin Blossom” – It takes an hour to harvest a pound of Mandarin blossoms, which is all they use for the flavoring. It takes 100 pounds of blossoms to do just two bottlings of the vodka. Since they only pick at the height of bloom, they are constantly battling time and the elements, and it has to be done in giant bee suits. The complex, floral aroma is always worth the trouble, and much more.

“Kaffir Lime” – Bumpy and uglier than the limes we’re used to seeing. The citrus – along with its leaf – because of its high aromatic oil content, is used to create this vodka. The result is an intense unmistakably lime flavor that is endlessly complex.

“Fraser River Raspberry” – They macerate and distill the berries, then blend in fresh raspberry juice, which gives it complexity and a natural color. They don’t add sugar. They don’t add anything. It’s just raspberries and vodka.

“Spiced Pear” – They only make spiced pear vodka once a year, and in really small batches, combining a vodka blend with the most aromatic pear eau de vie, fresh pear juices and distillates of assorted spices.

“Chipotle” – A unique purple Morita from Chihuahua is used that produces a range of flavor that the distiller had never experienced from pepper before. From the aroma to the finish, this chipotle spirit offers notes of dark chocolate, alder smoke, and warm, even heat. It also makes a killer Bloody Mary!

Their website is worth the visit and has some great, unique stories! www.hangarone.comwww.facebook.com/hangaronevodka

Hangar 1 vodkas are handled by Proximo Spirits.


The Hanger 1 Vodka Blimp Tour


Quiz – What is the uniqueness of a Morita chili pepper used in Hanger 1 “Chipotle” vodka to a regular Chipotle chili pepper?

Quiz answer – Morita chilies are smoked, red-ripe jalapeno peppers, much like the chipotle pepper. The main difference is that Moritas are smoked for less time, which leaves them softer and retains their slightly fruity flavor. They are very richly flavored. Courtesy of chilipeppermadness.com.