Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience - Marriott Hotels & Heineken Educational Trip

Last summer, approximately one hundred Marriott International Hotels & Resorts’ food & beverage teams were challenged with selling ice-cold Heineken in a three-month long beverage promotion.

The top five winning hotels selected one team member to send to Amsterdam where they were hosted by Greg Melton and Andrew O’Rourke of Heineken for an educational experience at the Heineken Brewery. The Marriott group included Sara Welsh, Joachim Coppolino, Mai-Britt Beerman, Kyle Doles, Kathy Hussain and Dan Hoffman.

Front from left: Mai-Britt Beerman, Sara Welsh, Kathy Hussain. Back row from left: Joachim Coppolino, Patrick McGinn, Kyle Doles, Dan Hoffman, Andrew O'Rourke, Greg Melton

The group was taken through the brewing process at the interactive Heineken Experience. Four levels of interactive experiences plunged them deep into the world of Heineken and allowed them to see, taste and smell their way through the brewing process that is 150 years old. The multidimensional exhibit is truly a unique experience, a Heineken Experience. Follow the QR code to view the Heineken Experience website that shows the different phases of the exhibit.
Heineken Experience QR Code

Along with Heineken history, the group experienced the atmosphere of Amsterdam, the capital and largest city in the Netherlands. The city was alive with thousands of bicyclists scurrying about the streets going everywhere and in every direction. Amsterdam is famous for a multitude of things including its stately architecture, beautiful canals and the Van Gogh and Reich museums. The worldly cuisine, beverages and nightlife are legendary and unparalleled, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

The knowledge gained by the attendees on this memorable trip will remain with every winner forever.

From left:  Andrew O'Rourke, Kyle Doles, and Greg Melton outside of the Heineken Experience.

From left: Andrew O'Rourke, Kyle Doles, and Greg Melton outside of the Heineken Experience.

Heineken Experience - Amsterdam