The New Look of 10 Cane

10 Cane Brings Together the Finest Ingredients the Caribbean has to Offer: hand cut sugar cane, rich soil, crystalline water and radiant sunlight
10 Cane Rum - new look by iMi Agency


10 Cane is more versatile and exciting than ever

We specifically designed the NEW BOTTLE to fit perfectly in the bar rack. The new 10 CANE is also gentler on the environment; its shipper is significantly lighter, reducing the use of natural resources and our carbon footprint.

10 CANE is what rum is meant to be: light and smooth yet flavorful. Whether you enjoy it neat, on ice, or as a base in your favorite cocktail, 10 CANE will always deliver.

10 CANE is double distilled in small batches in French pot stills ensuring optimal yet gentle extraction of the sugar cane aromas. Following the distillation process, 10 CANE is aged for one year in French oak barrels (previously used for aging Hennessy Cognac). Through the barrel aging process, 10 CANE achieves its distinctive light golden color, well balanced mouth feel, and rounded finish. The final step consists of the blending of 10 CANE. The sugar cane distillate is blended with a touch of extra old Trinidadian rum, through which the blend gains added complexity and versatility.

When it came time to introduce the new packaging, Gregory Rees of Moet Hennessy USA reached out to iMi Agency to assist with the presentation piece.

iMi’s newly formed Creative Services Department designed a piece which harkens back to the days of shipping spirits in wooden crates, the bottles nestled in shredded wood or “wood wool”.

A small wooden box, branded with the 10 CANE RUM logo, held a new bottle of 10 CANE RUM, a 10 CANE RUM branded citrus juicer and a brochure detailing the changes to packaging. Once the box was filled and closed, an iconic 10 CANE RUM sticker was used to seal the entire package.

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