Tipple Tuesday!

Scotch Tasting

in the Mix Magazine will be featuring Scotch Whisky in the fall magazine and tasting. But it’s not fall yet, hardly! So we asked Brian Loukmas, BACARDI Portfolio Mixologist/National Accounts, to come up with a refreshing summer cocktail using Scotch. He did not disappoint! Presenting the Dewar’s Apple-Ginger Royal.

If you are a Scotch purveyor and would like to get your products in the tasting get a hold of Mike Raven ASAP so we can save you a spot. mike@ITMmag.com.

Dewar's Apple Ginger Royal - Brian LoukmasSummer Cocktail Dewar’s Apple-Ginger Royale

Glassware: Collins

1 ¼ oz DEWAR’S White Label
2 oz Unfiltered Apple Juice
1 oz Top with Ginger Beer

2 Green Apple Wedges (stirred into drink)
Fresh Rosemary Sprig

Pour Dewar’s White Label and unfiltered apple juice into a serving glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer.Garnish with two green apple slices stirred into drink and a rosemary sprig.


Scotch Quiz:

1. What is the largest selling single malt whisky in the world?

a. Glenmorangie
b. Bowmore
c. Glenlivet
d. Glenfiddich


2. Whisky distilling soon proved popular in Scotland and became part of the social life. However, in the 17th Century, whisky production was driven underground – why?

a. Whisky was banned in Scotland
b. Beer became very popular
c. Taxes on malt and whisky were introduced.
d. The English started producing whisky


3. Whisky distillation in Scotland can trace its roots back to the early Celts, although it’s unlikely we would recognise or enjoy the fiery spirit they produced. This early spirit was known by what Gaelic name?

a. aqua vitae.
b. Té Bheag
c. Poit Dhubh
d. uisge beatha



1. d. Glenfiddich

2. c. Taxes on malt and whisky were introduced.

3. d. uisge beatha





Summer Fun Facts

The Eiffel tower grows six inches every year. In the summer the metal expands to make the tower grow but also in the winter the metal contracts to shrink the tower back down.

Moses Maimonides, 12th century physician to the Egyptian Khalif, prescribed snow as a cure for the hot Cairo summers.

Dr. Pepper and the Ice cream cone was introduced during the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, where the 1904 Summer Olympics took place.

Summer heat getting you down? Perhaps you could book a room at “The Ice Hotel” in Jukkasjarvi in Swedish Lapland. The hotel, a large igloo, includes a restaurant, cinema and wedding chapel.