Wines With Good Karma

Here are a few emerging wine brands and their wine labels, who’s names you know and some you don’t, that represent new opportunities for old and new world wines focused on national accounts.

Founded in 1883, Wente Vineyards is the country’s oldest continuously operated family-owned winery. Today, Wente Vineyards is led by the fourth and fifth generations of the Wente family. More than 125 years of committed stewardship to the land has led to the development of Wente Vineyards’ Farming for the Future program, a system of sustainable viticultural practices designed to produce the best quality wines with the least environmental impact. This philosophy extends to all aspects of winery operations, where energy efficiency, waste reduction, recycling and social responsibility are all integral to the culture. Wente Vineyards was recognized for its sustainability efforts in 2010 with the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing designation.

The Wente family became known as the “First Family of Chardonnay” with the release of the nation’s first varietally labeled Chardonnay in 1936. Located just east of San Francisco in the historic Livermore Valley, Wente Vineyards is recognized as one of California’s premier wine country destinations, featuring wine tasting, fine dining and championship golf. For more information, visit

Wente Vineyards Wines



The Other Guys WinesThe Other Guys (TOG), headquartered in Sonoma, CA, is part of the Don Sebastiani Family of Companies. With the motto “Laid-back guys, stand-out wines,” TOG is the next page in the 100-year history of one of California’s oldest wine families.

TOG entered the wine market in 2005 at a boutique winery production level of 5,000 cases. Over the last six years, TOG has made a name for itself as a producer of unique, high-quality wines offered at reasonable price points. Its brands include Plungerhead, which has developed a cult following, particularly in urban areas. Other wines in the TOG portfolio include Hey Mambo, MooBuzz, Pennywise, White Knight and the on-premise brand, Leese-Fitch. From its humble beginnings, TOG has grown to produce more than 169,000 cases of wine annually and is forecasting a 50% sales increase for 2011.

Beginning this summer, TOG’s new division — 35 Maple — will introduce a selection of top-quality spirits, including a straight rye whiskey called Masterson’s, followed by a botanical gin, an aged Dominican rum and a small batch bourbon. For more information visit:
The Other Guys Wines



Don & Sons WineIn 2001, the Sebastiani family set out to build a new wine company in the négociant spirit of the early Sebastiani winemakers. By sourcing our grapes from vineyards all over California’s appellations and beyond, we are free to explore the best quality fruit that each vintage has to offer. With contemporary, upscale design and consistent, appellation-driven wines, Don Sebastiani & Sons has built a dependable reputation for value among today’s wine drinkers.

In addition to the popular, food-friendly Pepperwood Grove and Smoking Loon varietal wines, Don Sebastiani & Sons has introduced a portfolio of appellation-driven brands including Project Paso, The Crusher, s|k|n, B Side, and Aquinas Napa Valley. Don & Sons’ winery is located in the Napa Valley with executive offices in the Sonoma Valley. Our family-run négociant winery continues to grow in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, improving the quality of wines while offering customers consistent value across all appellations.

For more information on Don Sebastiani & Sons and our wines, please visit:
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Parducci WinesParducci WineParducci is “Family Farmed,” locally owned and operated in California’s Mendocino County. We are committed to sustainable winegrowing practices that yield top quality grapes and wines while protecting the environment and supporting our community and local farmers. Our sustainable practices include:
i. Being Family Owned & Operated
ii. Using Grapes from Local Family Farms
iii. Sustainable Farming Practices
iv. 100% Green Power
v. Water Conservation & Recycling
vi. Earth-friendly Packaging
vii. 1st US Carbon Neutral Winery
Parducci Wine Cellars, America’s Greenest Winery
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Paul Dolan VineyardsPaul Dolan Vineyards

Paul Dolan Vineyards – Premium Organic & Biodynamic Wine from Mendocino County.

Our wines are unique expressions of carefully nurtured vineyard sites made to manifest in each bottle. In organic farming, we do without synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers, treating the soil as a living, life-giving system. Our winegrowing practices create small lots of elegant wines, while sustaining our environment, the place where we live, and the people who live here.

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QuintessentialQuintessential - New Age Wines - Tincho“Tincho”

The most exciting summer wines to come from Argentina are making quite a splash in the U.S. this year. New Age White (an effervescent blend of citrus-y Sauvignon Blanc and fruity Malvasia) and New Age Rose’ ( also effervescent with Argentina’s signature Malbec red grape and Merlot) add a distinctive Argentine touch when combined with various fruit juices for a South American Mimosa, Cosmopolitan or even New Age Sangria.

Yet, the most common way to enjoy New Age is on the rocks with a twist of lime or lemon. This highly refreshing drink is called the “Tincho” after the cocktails creator. In Argentina, New Age is usually ordered by the bottle for a group of friends to enjoy. The well-chilled New Age White or Rose’ is brought to the table in an ice bucket, along with traditional “rocks” glasses filled with ice and sliced limes or lemons. The friends share the bottle and camaraderie together at the table. Common practice at traditional “happy hour watering holes” and night clubs in Argentina, this practice is catching on in the United States.

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Trinchero Family EstatesEach distinctive wine in the Trinchero Family Estates portfolio offers an exhilarating sensory experience. From classic to trendy, casual to luxury, Trinchero Family Estates presents appealing wines for every palate and price point.

Trinchero Family Estates over-delivers with more than 25 diverse wines from California, South America, and Australia. Not only do wine-lovers enjoy drinking the wines, they can feel good about purchasing Trinchero Family Estates wines with the company’s philanthropic programs. The Trinity Oaks winery team took the simple idea of planting a tree for every bottle of Trinity Oaks wine sold, and has turned it into 4.6 million trees planted in under three years through the One Bottle One Tree® program. In addition to its environmental charitable program, Trinity Oaks makes beautiful wines in a classic Californian style.

The Trinchero family has been in the Napa Valley since 1948 and has cultivated the best of Napa Valley in their luxury portfolio. Joel Gott Wines, Napa Cellars and Trinchero Napa Valley all showcase exceptional aspects that America’s most famous wine region can produce. For more information visit:
Trinchero Family Estates Wines



Sebastiani WineSebastiani winesWhat we have been doing for the last 100 years or so…

We quarried the granite that built the streets of San Francisco and laid the iconic cable car tracks. We purchased the land to establish the winery in 1904. We pioneered the California wine industry and drank our wines out of water glasses with the likes of Ernest & Julio, Robert, and Lou. We helped build the Town of Sonoma.

We sold wine to San Francisco’s finest restaurants. We built our business to become one of the largest US wine companies. We sold our value brands so we could focus on producing world class wines from the best vineyards in Sonoma County. We renovated the winery to allow us to focus on small lot artisan winemaking.

Under Bill Foley’s ownership and direction, Sebastiani Vineyards continues to be dedicated to producing wines of unquestionable quality, style and drinkability.

Experience the New Flavors of Sebastiani.
Sebastiani is part of the Foley Family Wines group of iconic wineries and estates. For more information visit:



Francis Ford Coppola WineryFrancis Ford Coppola WineryA CUT ABOVE

In the film business, the “Director’s Cut” emerged as a means for filmmakers to present their own creative vision, when the final version of a film released by the studio differed from what the director had intended. At the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, Director’s Cut wines are where filmmaking and winemaking intersect.

Created as a way for wine “director” Corey Beck to craft wines that would reflect his own unique interpretation of the quintessential Sonoma wine, Corey’s vision for Director’s Cut embraces appellation-specific sourcing, meticulous fruit selection, and numerous blending trials.

Using fruit that has been carefully chosen from the sub-appellations of Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley, Russian River Valley, and Los Carneros, Director’s Cut wines include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and a Cab-Zin blend called ‘Cinema.’ Each wine captures the distinct nuances of these Sonoma microclimates in a beautifully expressive, highly refined style that is well-suited to fine cuisine and premium wine lists.

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