Secret Apple

Everyone has secrets and this award-winning signature cocktail is ours! Secret Apple brings together harmony on a chilly evening. Bursting with secret flavors it’s a must try for any type of entertaining or signature cocktail menu.

Secret AppleSecret Apple Martini - Emilio Tiburcio
By Dress The Drink Premier Mixologist Emilio Tiburcio

The Blend…
1.5 oz Reposado Tequila
1 oz SENCE Rose Nectar
½ oz vanilla|green chili simple syrup
½ oz lime juice
½ oz TRU jasmine liquere
3 dashes baked apple bitters
Dress The Drink Garlic Apple Fruit Chip

The Mix…
Combine ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.  Pour into a very chilled martini glass and garnish with Dress The Drink Garlic Apple Fruit Chip.