Astrology of the Cocktail

Astrology of the Cocktail

There are not many people who haven’t looked up their astrological sign online, in newspapers or magazines at one time or another. Even if you don’t truly believe in the horoscopes, it is still fun to read what an astrologer sees in your future or what personal qualities are associated with your particular sign. IHG has truly taken this to another level by highlighting each sign, with its tendencies, likes and dislikes, and pairing it with a tasteful cocktail!

Francesco Lafranconi, Director of Mixology for Southern Wine and Spirits, created all 12 of these unique cocktails, taking into consideration each astrological sign’s interest in flavor profiles.

Jean-Pierre Etcheberrigaray, Vice President Food & Beverage – The Americas, and René van Camp, Corporate Food & Beverage Director, The Americas from IHG, and Pamela Tweedell, iMi Account Manager, created this promotion for use in all managed U.S. InterContinental and Crowne Plaza hotels. Extraordinary photography from Jeff Green Photography in Las Vegas and graphic design by ThincFactory make this promotion one to remember!

Our Capricorn mountain goats are independent, powerful and seriously charismatic, but not too eager to please. They enjoy quality-made products that are reflective of high social standing, and it's no different when choosing a fine cocktail. Since only the finest Gin will do, our Mountain Dusk is built on Plymouth Gin, with touches of sweet and dry vermouth and splashes of orange and pomegranate juice!


Our fellow Aquarians are symbolized by the water-bearer even though they are an air-sign. As social as air signs can be, Aquarians tend to be light drinkers and heavy on conversation. There's a good probability that an Aquarian probably planned your party or outing! To satisfy their light and crisp tastes, the Southern Breeze is crafted with Hendrick's Gin, Cointreau, iced tea and pomegranate juice with a hint of mint!


Pisces like to lose themselves in dreamy fantasies and daring adventures. They're fabulously enchanting individuals, who make wonderful conversation and intriguing partners. Invite the fish to a Sundown Swim with this scandalously delicious blend of fresh strawberries, lime, Beefeater Gin and a hint of basil. See where the night takes you!


Aries Rams are frequently the life of the party and don't like to call the night early. Their competitiveness and flirty personalities are enough to keep any partner on their toes, so you'd better rest up before inviting one to cocktails! Use our Twisted Horn as bait if you want to spice up the night with your Aries companion. Featuring Captain Morgan's Original Spiced Rum and Grand Marnier with a splash of cranberry and lime!



Taureans prefer to wine and dine at a leisurely pace, as their love for good, rich culinary dishes is equal only to their love of fine drink. Somewhat traditional in their taste, the earthy bull has a unique eye for beauty and quality, enjoying the company of their partner or friends. A Barcelona Sunset calls the bull to the matador with this fresh concoction of Maker's Mark Bourbon, lemon, ginger and a touch of sweet cane.


Geminis can amaze you by conversing with finesse and allusion, possessing the magic ability to flirt successfully with several people at once. Since repetition is boring to the twins, they like to order different cocktails every round, keeping things interesting and fun. Don't be surprised if they try the other sign's drinks, including yours! Twice is nice with Twin Sin, featuring spectacular 10 Cane Rum, passion fruit, lime and a splash of ginger beer!

The Cancerian favors comfort in a cocktail experience, making them feel right at home with their friends, family or lover. Unwinding with the crab may unlock deep conversation or juicy gossip depending on the company they're keeping. If you want to find out, simply offer them a velvet ocean made with a unique muddle of lime, sweet cane, Barsol Pisco and a float of Chateau St. Jean California Merlot!



It is a rare occasion when cocktails and dancing don't go hand and hand for lavish Leos. Although you'll never find a Leo lose their regal composure (they're highly dignified and refined), they're dexterity and talent both physically and mentally make for an action-packed evening and possibly fiery romance. Light the lion's fire with our Fuego Di Limón, featuring sunny ABSOLUT Citron Vodka, Caravella Lemoncello, Disaronno Amaretto, and a sweet rim of cinnamon and sugar!

Cerebral Virgos are famously composed and appeal to the intellectual. Their IQs must be stimulated through conversation with equally matched minds. Don't ever refer to them as rigid, however, because if you unlock their wild side, there's no telling what the evening may bring. Our Blushing Bride may be just the ticket, built from Maso Canali Pinot Grigio, Cointreau, and a splash of Campari, topped with sparkling water.



If you came to the party looking to socialize, you must either be a Libra or have brought one! They know how to tip the scales, work the room and turn on that classic charm which can sometimes be mistaken for innocent flirting! Our Twinkling Star doesn't disappoint, built with Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Moët & Chandon Champagne and Cointreau with a touch of lavender.


magnetic and mysterious scorpios need not be asked twice to answer the call for a good time. waters run deep ands the scorpion can be counted on for brilliant conversation, dizzying flirtation and itellectual prowess. although many don't realize the scorpio is also symbolized by the phoenix, representing death and rebirth. our fiery phoenix is built with bacardi rum, godiva dark chocolate liqueur and grand marnier, spiced up with a few stings of chipolte tobasco and sambuca!



For the party-going Sagittarius, let the saying, "in vino veritas" ring true, for the truth lies in the wine. Whether they're spilling their own best secrets or yours, the Sag is just plain fun to drink with. Lighthearted and insanely social, the archer can point their sunny arrow in any direction aiming for an adventurous night out. Order an Orange Arrow made with Woodford Reserve Bourbon, orange marmalade and a splash of fresh apple and lemon juice!