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Bloody Stake-Drivers
by Brooke Lundy

We asked for great Halloween cocktail recipes from our facebook fans and our first submission doesn’t disappoint!

Brooke Lundy - Halloween Cocktail Recipes - Bloody Stake-Driver

“My boyfriend James and I created this spooky cocktail for a TRUE BLOOD PARTY and all the reviews were A+! (or more like A Positive?) It’s our take on a traditional ScrewDriver called a “Bloody StakeDriver” with hand-carved SugarCane Stalks.”

Brooke Lundy


Brooke Lundy - Bloody Stake-Drives - Halloween Cocktails
1 part Vodka

2 Parts Blood Orange Italian Soda (Whole Foods Brand)

Splash of Cointreau

Poured over Ice

Use Sugar Cane Stalks carved into ‘Stake’ points for stirring

Raspberries for Garnish…’Stab’ them with the stakes to create more pops of red color in the glass


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