Take 5
with Ann and Paul Tuennerman

Ann Tuennerman and Paul TuennermanTales of the Cocktail has just finished its ninth year. With its relatively obscure start, to surviving Katrina, it has matured into one of the premier cocktail events in the country.

Their vision: To be instrumental in advancing the craft of the cocktail through education, networking, and promotion.

ITM: Congratulations on another successful Tales of the Cocktail. Every Tales has its own personality. How would you define number nine’s?
A&PT: We like to describe the personality of Tales of the Cocktail as sophisticated but relaxed.

ITM: The attendance increases every year. What was the attendance this year and what is your rate of increase over the past several years?
A&PT: We believe this year’s attendance hit 20,000; we will receive our final numbers and economic impact report from the University of New Orleans on September 9th.

ITM: The suppliers (brand companies) love to book the tasting rooms. Can you comment on the popularity of these and what new attendees for next year may expect when they visit one?
A&PT: Tasting Rooms are really one of the best opportunities for the brands to showcase their spirits to both professionals and enthusiasts alike. It’s from watching this feature of Tales of the Cocktail evolve over the years that the brands have sort of an unspoken competition when it comes to Tasting Rooms.

ITM: What survival tips would you give to new attendees for your tenth anniversary event?
A&PT: a) Bring an empty suitcase; you’ll get lots of really cool swag from everyone, and you’ll need this to take it all home with you. b) Water! Drink lots of water! Did we mention water? c) Don’t try and drink all the booze in New Orleans on Wednesday. We’ve never run out of liquor, so pace yourself. d) Comfortable shoes! e) Linen – linen shirts, linen shorts, linen skirts – linen, and all the seersucker you can get! f) F is for food! Don’t get caught up in the moment and forget to eat.

ITM: Could you give us an idea of what to expect next year and why everyone in the business should consider a trip to The Big Easy next year for the tenth anniversary, July 25th – 29th?
A&PT: We have some big plans for the tenth but I do not want to indulge your readers just yet! Stay tuned. /