Tipple Tuesday:
10 Days to T-Day


tipple tuesdays -  wines for thanksgiving  

Thanksgiving is coming and we would like to suggest some great wines to complement all stages of your menu.


Prosecco Avissi - thanksgiving food and wine pairing

Prosecco Avissi

Avissi is a delectably fresh sparkling wine made from 100% Prosecco grown in Italy’s legendary Veneto region. In every glass, Avissi captures the very best of Italian style—it’s sexy and elegant, easygoing and friendly, delicious and delightful.



Chardonnay, William Hill Napa Valley - Thanksgiving food and wine pairings

Chardonnay, William Hill Napa Valley

William Hill’s Chardonnay reflects a transition to a new contemporary style. The wine reveals elegant ripe tree fruit flavors and some toasty oak, brown spice and butter. The wine has a moderate mouth feel and sweetness backed up by refined acidity.



Riesling, Loredona Vineyards - Thanksgiving Food and wine Pairings

Riesling, Loredona Vineyards

This cool-climate Riesling intrigues with delicate yet persistent aromas of lychee, citrus blossoms and a touch of honey. The crisp, refreshing palate offers complex layers of white peach, honeydew melon and lemon-lime structured by a light minerality.



Pinot Noir, Decoy by DuckhornPinot Noir, Decoy by Duckhorn - Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

The striking garnet color and pleasing bouquet is followed by flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and spicy oak. An obviously well-made Pinot with a great pedigree from their Anderson Valley vineyards.


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