TIPPLE Tuesday:
Drink. Don’t Drive.

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Women Executives in the Beverage Industry (WEBI) and Tobin Ellis presented last night an industry event in Las Vegas showcasing one of WEBI’s initiatives on social responsibility. The event was called – DRINK. DON’T DRIVE. We hope in the Mix readers will review WEBI’S dynamic drive to improve social responsibility in the beverage industry and will join them in striving to make our industry safer for its workers.

Katherine Tait, Founder and Chairwoman of WEBI states, “There exists recent scientific evidence that hospitality workers are more likely to be injured or killed in alcohol related incidents than all other classes of workers in America today. This results in the senseless loss of life, livability, love, friendship and companionship, as well as the loss of millions of hours and billions of dollars in productivity. Steps can be taken to mitigate these unnecessary losses. There must be increased workplace and industry-based education opportunities, expanded use of designated driver programs, availability of low-cost transportation alternatives and an enhanced, demonstrable commitment to social responsibility by all levels of the beverage industry. WEBI is conveying a call to action. To become part of our efforts to seek timely initiative steps to bring a measure of safety to our colleagues, visit www.1webi.org and join with us. We welcome you, your energy and support. “

The evening’s honorary premier mixologists showcasing their talent and signature cocktail creations designed for WEBI’s event included Francesco LaFranconi, Patricia Richards, Tobin Ellis, The Bon Vivants – Josh Harris and Scott Baird, Tricia Alley, and Naomi Schimek. Here are four of the cocktails that were served last night.


Spiced RepublicFrancesco LaFranconi, Director of Mixology, Southern Wine & Spirits of America

by Francesco LaFranconi
Director of Mixology
Southern Wine & Spirits of America

The Blend:
Don Q Añejo Rum takes part in an ménage a trois with chai spices and pomegranate, served with dehydrated orange wheel coated with cardamom-sugar by Dress The Drink.

Patricia Richards, Master Mixologist from Las Vegas Kentucky Apple Fix

by Patricia Richards
Master Mixologist from Las Vegas

The Blend:
Makers Mark 46 Bourbon, Canton Ginger Liqueur, Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed & strained), Simple Syrup (1:1), Apple|Maple|Cinnamon Puree, Eden’s organic apple butter, Sonoma Cinnamon Infused Simple Syrup and Vermont Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup. Served with a Gourmet Lemon | Ginger Fruit Chip or a Gourmet Apple | Ginger Fruit Chip by Dress The Drink.

Basil Stone SourTricia Alley, Southern California Mixologist for Southern Wine & Spirits

Tobin Ellis
Founder, BarMagic

The Blend:
Disaronno, Fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Fresh Orange Juice, Fresh Large Basil Leaves, and Dash Angostura Bitters. Served with a Gourmet Orange|Basil Fruit Chip by Dress the Drink.

Tobin Ellis, Founder, BarMagicThe Sweet & Spicy Green

Tricia Alley
Southern California Mixologist
Southern Wine & Spirits of America

The Blend:
Effen Cucumber Vodka, Ginger|Basil|Cane Syrup, Lime Juice and Club Soda. Served with a Gourmet Cucumber| Ginger Fruit Chip by Dress the Drink. Cucumber|Ginger Fruit Chip.


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Interesting and Fun Alcohol Facts

Today we wanted to cover alcohol facts that are surprising, funny or just fun to know. It’s amazing to know that Ohio has a law than bans giving any alcohol to fishes. We are not sure what caused this law to come into effect but there is one. And we are sure most of you didn’t know the national anthem of the US was written to the tune of a drinking song. Check out some more fun facts related to alcohol below.

Anyone under the age of 21 should be careful of taking out trash bags in Missouri. If you are under 21 and the garbage contains an empty bottle of alcohol, you can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol.

Most people think that drinking alcohol raises the body temperature. Alcohol actually lowers the body temperature.

Although “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” is considered to be the shortest sentence that includes all the letters of the alphabet, alcohol lovers came up with one of their own “Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.”

The United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world.

Most vegetable and almost all fruits contain a small amount of alcohol in them.
To a Breathalyzer, a drink is a drink.

The first Thanksgiving Day didn’t include mashed potatoes, turkey and all other foods that we usually eat on this particular day. However, there was beer, brandy, gin and wine.


Alcohol Trivia Quiz:

True or False:

1. 41% of fatal motor vehicle crashes nationwide are alcohol-related.

2. 62% of Americans report that they have used the service of a designated driver.

3. The saying ‘Mind your P’s and Q’s comes from the time when alcoholic beverages were served/sold in Pints and Quarts. Thus, to mind your P’s and Q’s meant to be careful of how much you drank.

4. Beer, as with all alcoholic drinks, is made by fermentation caused by bacteria feeding on the yeast cells and then defecating. This bacterial excrement is called alcohol.

5. Alcohol consumption increases during the time of the full moon.

6. As Magellan prepared to sail around the world in 1519, he spent more on Sherry than on weapons.

7. In Malaysia, drunk drivers are jailed and so are their spouses if they are in the vehicle.

8. Alcohol kills one (1) times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined.



1. True

2. True

3. True

4. True

5. False – Alcohol consumption decreases during the time of the full moon.

6. True

7. True

8. False – Alcohol kills six (6) times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined.