Wine’s Perfect Pour

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The wine bar experience has been evolving for the past ten years, offering moderately-priced wines with selections changing periodically. Generally the wines are accompanied by assorted artisan cheeses, cured meats, pâté, olive oils, chocolates, and the like, for wine partisans to enjoy with their selected glass of wine.

napa technology winestation

As the wine bars evolved, the technology of the wine-dispensing machines has also been changing and evolving. Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Nick Moezidis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Napa Technology, about the company’s intelligent preservation and dispensing system called the WineStation ®.

winestation wine pourDON: Nick, can you give us a brief overview of what Napa Technology is all about?

NICK: Napa Technology is the designer and manufacturer of the WineStation®, an innovative Intelligent Dispensing and Preservation solution. The WineStation®, named by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the year’s most innovative products, is designed to preserve an open bottle of wine for a groundbreaking period of 60 days, eliminate waste, and capture customer data, which leads to measureable profitability for just about any wine by-the-glass program.

The WineStation® has been widely adopted by the hospitality, arena, and food service industries nationwide as well as internationally.

DON: What is the Napa Technology philosophy for the WineStation® product line?

NICK: Napa Technology believes that any amount of product loss and/or theft in a wine program is unacceptable. We also believe that on- and off-premise operators should have an easy-to-use, plug-and-play design like the WineStation® to provide inventory monitoring, staff controls, and consumer insights. The WineStation® allows each pour to be both perfect and profitable.

The growing demand by more educated consumers is forcing operators to offer a breadth of wine by-the-glass options, in order to remain compelling to guests as well as competitive. Napa Technology provides the answer to both with the development of the WineStation®.

DON: How was Napa Technology conceived?

NICK: In a mutual quest for the perfect glass of wine, Napa Technology was formed in 2005 by myself, Jeffrey Brooks, and Morris Taradalsky. We combined decades of business and technology experience to create a cutting-edge product that would ultimately elevate wine service by providing business solutions to the industry that is trying to meet the desires of a wide range of customers.

The WineStation® enables on- and off-premise operators to increase revenue, at times by up to 50 percent, for their wine by-the-glass programs. The WineStation® software allows venues to accurately tailor inventory to their customers’ needs while guaranteeing precision pours and eliminating waste.

winestation - wine pour technology

DON: How do Napa Technology products apply to the various on-premise market segments?

NICK: To stay profitable, on-premise restaurants face the heavy weight of responding to consumer demand and education, by insuring that guests have a wide breadth of unique and compelling choices. This, coupled with the need to manage costly inventory and eliminate theft, makes the WineStation® one of a restaurant operator’s smartest resources for success. Shula’s Steakhouse, a seasoned veteran of the industry, uses AccuServe Smartcard Technology to optimize tracking and managing servers, management, and consumer activity, resulting in more efficient operational decisions. The WineStation® provides three measured pouring options while also insuring perfect temperature and taste of each wine selection.

Within the on-premise hotel environment, converting underutilized lobby space and VIP lounges into active, engaging profit centers has been the greatest benefit of the WineStation®. In any space, the simple plug-and-play design of the WineStation® can revitalize the revenue stream within a matter of hours, while creating a unique and memorable experience for the hotel guest. The famed Swan Dolphin in Orlando has proven how the portable design allows properties to optimize revenue opportunities with lobby guests for happy hour and VIP guests in a private suite, all within the same day.

winestation - wine pouring technologyOne of the most surprising applications of the WineStation® is the rapid adaptation within the airport and arena venues. Historically these were not venues where travelers or concert attendees were able to buy a sophisticated glass of wine. But with the installation of the WineStation® systems in locations such as the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Beaudevine Restaurant in the Miami International Airport, Wicker Park in Chicago O’Hare, and throughout the VIP lounges of The New Meadowlands in New York, fine wines are now available at the touch of a button.

DON: After reviewing your product line, I realize there are a few really great benefits you didn’t mention but that I like. One of the side benefits of the WineStation® is its database capabilities for tracking through your system. For instance, it will track wine sales by bottle position, brand, and varietal, and it has a built-in bar code scanner. Besides producing wine sales reports, it also is capable of monitoring and reporting individual detailed employee sales. It’s easy to see that an on-premise chain or national account manager would find this information very useful.

Thanks for taking time to discuss your fine product with us, Nick!

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