Dressing More Than Drinks


dress the drink - culinary signature cocktailCulinary and Mixology Come Together

The culinary signature cocktail is emerging as a top trend in 2011-2012, taking guests beyond the traditional mocktail or cocktail into a visual culinary landscape. Mixologists often use artisanal or all natural garnishes with blends such as bacon, horseradish, mild to flaming peppers, or fruit and vegetables may be mixed together with chocolates and sweets. The concept of a bar chef/mixologist illustrates how the discerning consumer’s palate has grown more sophisticated than ever before, embracing the culture and attitude of culinary and mixology together as one.

To showcase this point, we contacted our friends at Dress The Drink. Dress The Drink is the leading garnish, blend, and mixology company in the food & beverage industry. We are showcasing a few of their on-premise clients under MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, to illustrate what a difference these products can make to the offerings of these fine establishments, not only increasing the beauty of their drinks but their revenue as well.


dress the drink - altf photography - gourmet garnishes

dress the drink - diane svehlak - gourmet garnishes

Dress the Drink

A producer of proprietary artisanal, all natural, non-wasteful garnishes and blends, Dress The Drink is all about pairing culinary and mixology. Diane Svehlak is the President of Las Vegas-based Dress The Drink, and along with her partner, Cindy McClure, the company’s CEO and founder, they have stepped into a niche and made it their own. “You will not find another company as unique as ours,” Svehlak says. “From signature cocktail creations to the whole dining experience, we use color, flavors, textures, infusions, and mastering of blends and garnishes that bring together the true arts of culinary and mixology. Our culinary and mixology talents are the tops in these fields.”

Cindy McClure describes Dress The Drink products and services as a full turnkey solution for the food & beverage and hospitality industries that can work in an almost endless variety of ways.

dress the drink - martini - gourmet garnishes

mandalay bay - dress the drink - photo by adam frazier

Mandalay Bay – Photo by Adam Frazier

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Mandalay Bay is one of the preeminent convention centers in the world. From the beginning, business suits were put above bathing suits. While $30 million was spent renovating what has been named the best pool area in Las Vegas, $275 million was poured into their convention venues. Although 30 spa treatments can be given at once, they can accommodate over 500 simultaneous meetings.

At the end of the day, customers have many choices around the Las Vegas Strip. “Dress The Drink gives us the extra competitive edge that makes customers feel they have had a personalized and very luxurious experience,” says Natalie Franco, Banquet Beverage Manger of Mandalay Bay. “Coupling the talents of our chefs and mixologists with Dress The Drink’s artisanal gourmet garnishes and blend creations, the Mandalay Bay is able to give our customers more value and variety within our banquet, culinary, and mixology offerings.”

mandalay bay - dress the drink - photo by adam frazier

Mandalay Bay – Photo by Adam Frazier


The Mirage

zen mojito - the mirage - fin - dress the drink
At The Mirage Hotel & Casino, 2011 Pinnacle Award Winner Peter Brattander, Director of Beverage Services, recently revamped all of the signature cocktails property-wide, from the Race & Sports book to the finest dining at Kokomo’s. All of their 30 new signature cocktail creations are accented with Dress The Drink customized garnishes and blends. Here is a peek at two of their fine dining restaurants and their featured cocktails.

The Fin

Experience exciting contemporary Chinese dishes tempered with an eclectic blend of international cuisines.

The Zen Mojito

  • Bacardi Dragonberry Rum, seasonal berries, mint leaves, fresh lime juice, simple syrup
  • Garnished with DTD Strawberry Mint Dragonfruit Fruit Chip on the rim

samba - cucumber batida - dress the drinkSamba

This popular Brazilian-style barbecue offers unlimited portions of marinated meats and poultry as well as unique à la carte items.

Cucumber Batida

  • Leblon Cachaca, Thatcher’s Organic Cucumber, condensed milk, agave nectar
  • Half rim with DTD Cucumber Dill Blend
  • Garnished with DTD Cucumber Dill Chip


aria -  dress the drink

Prosciutto Dill Goat Cheese Mini Bite Roll accented with Dress The Drink Cucumber Dill Strip and Dress The Drink cucumber blends.

“Natural light illuminates all three levels of our 300,000 square-foot convention and meeting facility. Lush foliage surrounding the pools frames the breathtaking view from the dramatic glass curtain wall that spans the entire north façade. Scenic rooftop gardens and a design infused with elements of nature create an environment that welcomes the senses and blends business and pleasure,” says Joe Busone, Banquet Beverage Manager for ARIA.

He goes on to say, “It makes the perfect backdrop setting to incorporate Dress The Drink products and services. We have gotten to the point that we even sample showcase our water glasses with SweetGlazed edible flowers! One event in particular was a 30th anniversary party that had Dress The Drink customized pearls, showcasing our client’s 30 years of business! The client was so appreciative. Some of our favorite products are the SweetGlazed edible violas, cucumber fruit chips and blends, tomato fruit chips, and onion and chili blend, green beans and bacon chips, bacon and horsey blend, and silver dusted diamonds.”