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Flaming Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

The Cascade Mountains are 1,300 miles long and stretch across Oregon, spilling over into Washington and Northern California. They certainly are a site to see. Consisting of both dormant and active volcanoes, miles of beautiful forest, and natural phenomena rarely seen, this mountain range is a “bucket list” location. Oregon is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area at the basin of the Pacific Ocean where earthquakes and underwater eruptions cause a chain reaction stretching all the way to our west coast. Volcanic eruptions are still possible and continue to play a large part in the formation of the beautiful Cascade Mountain range we see today.

oregon - ring of fire cocktail recipe

Flaming Ring of Fire

• ½ oz High Proof Rum
• ½ oz Whiskey
• 4 drops Tabasco Sauce

Add the rum and whiskey to a shot glass, top with Tabasco sauce, and serve.

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