Beverage Trends for 2012

beverage trends by dress the drink for 2012Find out about these and more:

  • Dive/Fun bars featuring modern mixology
  • New ways to use tea and coffee
  • Food flavored alcohol, you’ve seen them. For example: cake and marshmallow flavored vodkas
  • Snow Ice, offering the flavor and creaminess of ice cream with an unbelievably light texture
  • Apptails (mini-cocktails)
  • Cask Aged Cocktails
  • Artisanal garnishes and blends showcasing the flavors and textures of your beverage offerings by Dress The Drink featured right and below

beverage trends by insiders for 2012Also see what these insiders and more say is trending for the year:

  • Doug Frost, wine consultant
  • Christine Sismondo, author of “America Walks into a Bar”
  • David Wondrich, author of “Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl”
  • Kip Snider, director of beverage for the beer-oriented Yard House chain
  • Jim Meehan, head mixologist at New York’s PDT and author of the new, The PDT Cocktail Book
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Fact or Fiction

  1. Hangover remedies include everything from “a hair of the dog that bit you,” to burnt toast and black coffee. Which of all the endless theoretical remedies actually have truth behind them?
  2. Hair of the Dog
  3. Burnt Toast
  4. Black Coffee
  5. Fried or Fatty Foods
  6. Eggs
  7. Bananas
  8. Water
  9. Fruit Juice

This week’s Tipple courtesy of Dress the Drink

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