One of Our Own

danny bartfield passes away at 92

Danny Bartfield (right)


Some of you may know that Jeff Bartfield’s dad Danny Bartfield recently passed away at the age of 92, for those who knew him or had only met him once would have experienced his bigger than life charisma and friendly personality.  He started out in life as a boxer, born in Brooklyn, NY, his parents immigrated to America at the turn of the century and moved to the lower eastside of Manhattan. He grew up in a mostly Italian and Jewish neighborhood a product of the melting pot and learned to fight at an early age.

By the time he was 19 years old he was competing in the amateur division and became lightweight Diamond Belt champion, he turned pro in 1940, during the war he was lightweight champion of the Army. Came back from the war and became one of the most popular lightweights of his time. He enjoyed many event fights and went on to have a 50 wins and 4 losses in his career, the 4 losses came from him having 2 broken hands so he couldn’t continue the fights, he was never knocked down in the ring. He broke is hands so many times in the ring he eventually retired in 1948, and accepted a commission as a boxing referee.

Now the rest of the story…after his retirement from boxing he went to work in sales for Leroux and Company (Liqueurs) and then General Wine & Spirits Company part of the Seagram’s conglomerate in those days. Danny traveled all over the country working on national accounts before that was even a defined market. He introduced Chivas Regal, Ron Rico rum, B&G Wines of France and Boodles Gin to America; he even did some commercials for Seagram products and was with Seagram’s for 35 years. He touched many peoples’ lives in our industry, to many to list. If you were one of those lucky people, we would love to hear an antidote or share an experience with us in this blog. Danny lived life to its fullest, and he lives on in our memories.



  • I never had the opportunity to meet Danny, but the stories I hear are legendary. If Jeff is any indication of his Father’s charisma, I wish that opportunity came.

  • I was fortunate to meet Danny one time and it was certainly a night to remember. We sat and chatted for 3 plus hours over dinner one night and the stories were legendary. Glad I had the chance to share time with a remarkable man. RIP….