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Bay Breeze


From itM’s Signature Drinks Across the USA Series Part 3


Humorous Laws

It is very important for American citizens to follow the laws set in place by the government, but sometimes it can go a little far. Maryland residents follow a few rather interesting laws: eating while swimming in the ocean is prohibited in Maryland, it is illegal to mistreat oysters in Baltimore, a woman is not allowed to go through her husband’s pocket while he is sleeping, men are not allowed to buy drinks for female bartenders, and one cannot swear within the city limits of Baltimore. Be aware of these the next time you visit!

maryland signature cocktail - bay breeze

Bay Breeze

2 oz vodka
cranberry juice
pineapple juice
lime wedge for garnish

Pour the vodka into a ice filled highball glass. Top with equal amounts of cranberry and pineapple juice. Garnish to taste.

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