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Kool-Aid Caddy

Keep Cool With Kool-Aid

Think back to when you were a kid. What did you drink? Let me give you a hint: it stained your mouth and was filled with sugar! Kool-Aid was invented in Hastings, Nebraska by Edwin Perkins. He spent his time in his mother’s kitchen experimenting with different products and looking for a way to mass distribute Fruit Smack, the flavored syrup he invented, without the mess and cost of shipping liquid. As a result, he created Kool-Aid, a powdered drink substance that was easy to make and even easier to transport. Though Perkins died in the mid-1970s, his legacy lived on to become a multibillion dollar empire.

nebraska signature cocktail - kool-aid caddy

Kool-Aid Caddy

2 oz. Vodka
Orange Juice

Pour the vodka in a glass. Add orange juice and Kool Aid Mix until glass is full, stir with a spoon and serve chilled.

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