Colleen Sisler: Creative Services Division IMI Agency

colleen sisler - imi agencyColleen Sisler has been with IMI for five years. In 2012, she became the Production Manager with IMI’s newly-formed Creative Services Department. Colleen took time to speak with in the Mix about the services provided by IMI’s award-winning graphic designers.

ITM: Hello Colleen, and thanks for talking with us. You have a very diverse operation, very different from ITM’s designer. Do you do projects for both suppliers and retailers?

CS: Yes, we work on projects for customers on both the supplier and retail side of the business.

ITM: What would a supplier typically use your services for?

CS: Our supplier projects have typically been the launching or re-launching of a product. For example, the BACARDI OakHeart project was a launch or introduction of the product for the on-premise arena. We worked closely with the OakHeart team to put together a kit – in this instance, a “blind taste test” – that was presented to on-premise beverage program executives.

ITM: And a hotel or restaurant? What project services do you normally provide for them?

CS: For hotels and restaurants, we have developed menus, promotions and specialty pieces. We will work with the venue to match a look or feel, so their menus are a cohesive piece that works in their space. The promotions are often created to stand out and call attention to a limited-time-only drink or, more often, a specialty cocktail. Specialty pieces, like the Bourbon Bible we created for the Bourbon Bar at IHG Buckhead, are much more in-depth. In this case, we fully researched Kentucky bourbon, the distillers and the history, and created an interactive book that not only lists the bourbons, complete with tasting notes, but also gave a strong visual history of the making of bourbon, through the Prohibition era. This piece has a scrapbook or old family bible appearance and each of the ten books we made has a handmade feel to it.

ITM: What about one-time or special occasions such as festivals or tasting events? I assume these would be in your repertoire?

CS: Absolutely! We have designed invitations, signage and other collateral for special events, tradeshows and more. This year we had the pleasure of working on the save-the-date, invitations, and signage for THE Party – A White Out. This was a unique project in that it was multi-media. The save-the-date was a video that was sent out as a teaser. The invitation, nestled in a bed of “snow,” was a flipbook created from the video. The rest of the signage – drink cards, posters, and banners – all coordinated with that look.

ITM: That’s all good information. Thank you, Colleen. My last question is how would an interested party contact you to start discussing using your services?

CS: Thanks for the opportunity to be in in the Mix. They can simply email me or call me at 770-928-1980, ext. 201, to get started.