Introducing the Sam Can!

the new sam adams canIt’s been Jim’s mission to always do what’s best for the beer and the beer drinking experience. So, before we put Samuel Adams Boston Lager® into cans, we spent two years working to develop the best can we could for our beer. We believe that the changes, though small, deliver the beer so that the flavor and overall experience is a bit closer to drinking from a glass.

So now you can enjoy Samuel Adams Boston Lager (and Summer Ale) in places that glass bottles cannot go.

The features of this can enhance the flavor of the beer and create a smoother, more comfortable drinking experience:

A wider lid provides more air flow resulting in a slightly smoother taste.

The opening is slightly further from the edge of the lid, making the opening closer to your nose and allowing more of the beers aroma to reach your nose
An extended lip places beer at the front of your palate to maximize enjoyment of the malt sweetness of our Boston Lager (similar to the design of our Perfect Pint glass)
An hourglass ridge creates turbulence which pushes flavor out of the beer (also similar to the design of our Perfect Pint glass)

Want to learn more? Read Jim’s blog post on the 2-year project.