The Re-Branding of IMI Agency

imi marketing agency rebranding

All along the 24-year course of this company, one thing has remained constant and that is change. It is necessary to be able to constantly adjust to the needs of our customers and that is what IMI has always been able to do well. About every five years, major shifts or changes evolve in the hospitality business. IMI evolved from an incentive, trade show and promotions house and grew by developing and adding a myriad of skills and tools to assist our clients and suppliers in Building Better Beverage Business™.

As the years went by, IMI developed, delivered and sourced the best purchase tracking systems, data analysis, activation platforms, operator and consumer online applications, and financial transparency reporting. As a leader in our space, IMI currently manages more than 14,000 customer and supplier account transactions as well as hundreds of thousands of purchase transactions annually.

imi marketing agency for food and beverage

As digital and print technologies have evolved allowing for nimble customization, so has IMI’s commitment to creative design and systemization. Initially, IMI closely managed the graphic design and creative services through small boutique outsourced agencies, winning plenty of awards and acclaim along the way. In 2010, we brought all of these services in-house and created the IMI Creative Services Department. The CSD designers create and deliver hundreds of projects each month for our clients and suppliers.

The exponential growth in technology for hospitality led us to create the position of Director of Technology and Innovation. In this post, Adam Billings consults with clients and suppliers to source and deliver cutting-edge technology platforms for operations and guest-facing food and beverage initiatives.

As with every successful company, it truly is a team effort to reach our goals. From a two-person team 24 years ago to the 26 team members today, the core of IMI remains focused on customer service and creativity. A few years ago, we conducted a 360-degree look at ourselves to make sure that every person in our company embraces our mantra, Building Better Beverage Business™.

So where do we go from here? The recognition of beverage as an integral sales and profit growth category in the hospitality channel gives IMI the drive to continue our mission of excellence in creativity and technology. Join us on our continuing journey and keep tabs on our new developments by viewing in the Mix magazine in print, digital version, on the Web or by following any of our social media sites. Or, contact us for a meeting with our team.

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