World’s Best Cocktails

world's best cocktails by tom sandham Author Tom Sandham, cocktail columnist for The Times (United Kingdom), takes you around the world in 500 cocktails. Travel with him as he recalls his 10-year global journey through mixology with the best bars and bartenders. This look at global cocktail culture also highlights trends or techniques that make drinks popular in their native regions.

The beginning takes you through a history of the cocktail as far back as ancient China. A concise history and profile of spirits, drinks, stand-out bars and top mixologists are found throughout. Each spirit’s history, styles and drink recipes are reviewed. Sandham also takes a look at the history and recipes of classic cocktails such as the Negroni, as well as modern mixes from award-winning bartenders. Innovative bars such as London’s Milk & Honey and New York City’s Death & Company are featured with their signature cocktails. Tips and techniques are given from mixology notables such as New Yorkers Dale DeGroff and Jim Meehan, and Londoners Tony Conigliaro and Savatore Calabrese.

Sandham also takes a look at grape and hop history, as well as the styles and features of wine, champagne and beer cocktails. Even bar kits, glassware, mixers and garnishes are reviewed, and a cocktail index is included for quick reference to a specific cocktail. This in-depth book will refine the seasoned cocktail connoisseur’s skills as well as jump-start the novice’s.

“Fans of the mixed drink will know cocktail culture is on the rise right now – in fact, it’s a global phenomenon and historic classics are creaking out of ancient books as modern mixing minds simultaneously embrace innovative ingredients,” says Sandham. “London and New York remain creative hot spots for this action, but other cities, from Stockholm to Sydney and Bratislava to Berlin, are now providing inspiring imbibing terrain.”

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