Owl’s Brew – A Tea Crafted for Cocktails

owls brew - a tea made for cocktails

NEW YORK, NY (July 2013) – Owl’s Brew, “a tea crafted for cocktails,” is the beverage industry’s first line of tea mixers designed for cocktails. Owl’s Brew is the newest product line from The Teaologist, an artisanal New York based Tea Company, that was founded in 2011. Available July 2013, Owl’s Brew will offer three low-calorie, antioxidant-enriched flavors that can be mixed with a variety of spirits including, vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, wine or champagne, and will be available in the New York market first.

Owl’s Brew is freshly brewed in Vermont in large kettles, where it is handcrafted in small batches, sweetened, packed and bottled in stylish matte black bottles. It is ready to pour as a healthier and “wiser” cocktail mixer. Owls’ Brew tea bases were blended specifically to be paired with liquors. Each blend infuses whole-leaf teas, spices and fruits to create light and flavorful bases, without the use of artificial flavors. Owl’s Brew’s tea bases were blended specifically to be paired with liquors (two parts brew, to one part booze), or they may be served as a standalone “mocktail” beverages.

The three introductory flavors include: Coco-Lada, sweet with a spicy kick, rounded out by coconut and sweetened with natural agave; Pink & Black, a robust darjeeling, with a hint of hibiscus, sweetened with agave; and The Classic, English breakfast with a tart twist, sweetened with agave, with each serving less than ten calories. The result is a line of cocktails that taste great and are low in sugar content.

Owl’s Brew was founded by Jennie Ripps, who is also the Founder & CEO of The Teaologist, an artisanal NYC-based tea company founded in 2011. Previous to starting her own company, Jennie was the Director of the Sponsorship Division of a boutique marketing firm that specialized in lifestyle events and activations.

Maria Littlefield is a partner and CMO in both Owl’s Brew and The Teaologist. Previously, Maria directed the integrated marketing division at a boutique marketing firm and ran programming surrounding events such as the Sundance Film Festival, NYC Fashion Week, Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby.

Jennie and Maria initially began pouring tea cocktails for fun at the events they produced. They designed custom cocktails for the NYC premiere of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn”, brewed from real tea and intended to be mixed with liquor. Soon, they were being asked to provide cocktails for other high profile events and began fielding calls from restaurateurs and nightclub owners, asking for product. They soon realized that there was a real market for a better, lighter, fresher cocktail mixer.

“Owl’s Brew is the first-to-market tea crafted for cocktails,” said avid tea drinker and cocktail enthusiast Jennie Ripps. “With my background in tea blending and flavor profiling, I worked for years to develop a line of tea beverages uniquely suited to liquor. “We were tired of the g0-to vodka cranberry, we are now offering people who have never considered using a mixer before an innovative, contemporary option – with a delicious flavor profile.”

“We are excited to launch this product and help teach the consumer about a completely new, exciting way to view an “old” beverage,” said Maria Littlefield. “We are thrilled to be launching Owl’s Brew, and a better, “wiser” way to sip.”

Both Maria and Jennie spent over eight months sourcing a partner that would brew real tea leaves, and not use any flavors. Owl’s Brew is batched from real, whole spices, fruits & herbs – with no additional flavors added. The result is a tea fresh-brewed with whole leaves that is uniquely crafted for cocktails.

Owl’s Brew is the first ever “tea crafted for cocktails” and one of the only products on the market that is fresh-brewed and bottled and ready to pour. Founded by marketing mavens and tea enthusiasts, Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield, the tea bases are batched from real, whole spices, fruits and herbs. With Owl’s Brew, “what you see is what you get” and the mission is to offer a wiser and better way to drink. Owl’s Brew is intended to paired with a variety of liquors and is recommended to be served “2 Parts Brew, 1 Part Booze”, poured on the rocks or shaken.
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by Makers – Jennie Ripps & Maria Littlefield

Owl’s Brew is the first ever tea “crafted for cocktails” Our artisanal mixers are fresh-brewed in micro-batches with whole spices and fruits.      

We started with a love for tea and a great idea – a fresher, funner, “wiser” way to imbibe. We were frustrated with the mixers on the market, and had expertise in tea – our other business is a looseleaf tea company with a focus on custom-blending. We fine-tuned our favorite cocktail blends through pouring tea cocktails at events throughout the US, ranging from OCRF’s Super Saturday charity event in Watermill, NY to the premiere of Austenland in Hollywood. Once we had the perfect brews to bottle, we searched America for the ideal place to produce Owl’s Brew. Time and again, we came up against the issue that it was easier to mimic the taste of our blends through using artificial flavors. Finally, we found a home in Vermont, where our tea is fresh-brewed in huge kettles, nothing added. Iced tea is as all-American as it gets. We think Owl’s Brew will be a cocktail pioneer with its focus on whole, natural ingredients, and low sugar content. We’re reinventing a classic!

owl's brew

What makes your business unique?

Firstly, we are creating a new category for beverage, which is extremely exciting, rewarding, and challenging. Our approach to mixers is new and fresh, and we are changing the way that people consume tea. We are focused on making refreshing and delicious flavors using an all natural product. We are also jazzed about making tea cool and accessible. Our tea mixers “keep it real” – we only use whole fruits and spices in our tea, and never “paint” artificial or natural flavors (which are actually often synthetic) onto our blends. This allows us to offer an antioxidant-rich beverage crafted to be paired with spirits, but which can also be served as a mocktail. Our consumers rest assured that they are getting real ginger, strawberries, or coconut in every Brew. Our tea mixers are flavorful reinventions of classic and contemporary cocktails, and our clients “drink wise” with every scrumptious sip.

What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

It’s never too early to support a cause. When we started out, we really wanted to support several initiatives: 1) charitable institutions in the countries where our tea was sourced from 2) our NYC community, and 3) education and knowledge (our Owl logo is a giveaway that we really care about being “wise”!) However, we felt that we weren’t big enough to effectuate change, and that charities might even laugh at us, as we were a start-up, with big dreams but mini-budgets. Owl’s Brew proudly graduated from Goldman Sachs’ TBF Cohort of 10,000 Small Businesses this March, and one key learning was “if you want to support a cause, build it into your company’s DNA early”. This gave us the confidence to reach out to potential partners. We are now honored to be able to say that we give a percentage of sales to the Patrick Chege Orphanage, a charity that is based out of Kenya; and that we are just embarking on an initiative to support the New York Public Library.