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GuestMetrics and Restaurant Sciences merge forming GuestSciences

Source: GuestSciences
February 24, 2014

GuestMetrics LLC and Restaurant Sciences, LLC are pleased to announce they are merging to form one company called GuestSciences, effective as of today. GuestSciences will have its headquarters based in Stamford, CT, with Bill Pecoriello as its Chief Executive Officer.

Commenting on the merger, Mr. Pecoriello said, “Today marks an important step in the exciting and dynamic world of big data, with GuestMetrics and Restaurant Sciences joining forces to provide unparalleled insights for the hospitality sector, which historically has been one of the most opaque and least understood sectors in the retail space. Each party brings to the table different skills and strengths, so it’s a natural combination. As a result of the merger, from the beginning, GuestSciences will have nearly 16,000 full service restaurants and bars in its system, and approximately 8,000 locations in the quick serve and fast casual space.”

Also remarking on the merger is the majority owner of Restaurant Sciences, Jeffrey Katz, who added, “We are truly excited about this merger, and believe GuestSciences will immediately be able to offer its clients, both on the supplier and restaurant operator sides, significantly improved offerings as a result of the larger sample of locations and complimentary skill sets and technologies being brought to the table by the former GuestMetrics and Restaurant Sciences entities. While there will be a period of transition over the next few months, the goal is to have both systems fully integrated in the Spring of 2014.”
Brian Barrett, GuestSciences President said “The combination brings together advanced analytics capability, unified data dictionaries of millions of items, technology to quickly process billions of transactions, supplier and operator tools to provide actionable insights for our clients and great client support services. ”

About GuestSciences LLC
GuestSciences, LLC is revolutionizing how the hospitality industry operates. Despite the dawn of the Digital Age having begun more than three decades ago, the hospitality industry essentially functions the same way it did centuries before. GuestSciences has cracked the code by collecting billion of dollars in sales from tens of thousands of restaurants and bars, and turning billions of raw transactions into intelligible data that is fundamentally transforming the business operations of everyone from the independently-owned bar/restaurant on the corner, to multi-national chains, to the food & beverage companies that supply them. Please visit for more information and to arrange for a free demonstration.