in the Mix Magazine – Spring 2014 Digital Edition

in the Mix Magazine  Spring 2014 Digital Edition

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This issue celebrates one of the most notorious libations of all times, Tequila! Our features on the subject include a collection of compositions by some of our best journalists. We delve into the uses, history, future, packaging design and travels involving this magical spirit.

On the wine side, we have two remarkable stories on Spain. We also feature an essay by Ed Korry on Sherry.

Ever thought about pouring wines on tap? You should. Read the article “A Better Way to Serve Wines by the Glass” and you will know why!

Find out why Tito’s Vodka is for the dogs in a heart-lifting story.

Do you think you know your Spanish wines? Try Barry Wiss’ crossword puzzle and let us know how you did.

Bartender, Mixologist or Bar Chef? That is the question posed by our publisher, Don Billings, to five of the industry’s top authorities on the subject. See what they think in this thought-provoking expose.

There’s always a lot more inside, including technology, training, travel and more!