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aperolThis is not your grandmother’s white wine spritzer. No, the term “spritzer” as it relates to adult beverages has been elevated in recent years. That is thanks, in part, to the dynamic apéritif from Italy, Aperol, and its brilliantly refreshing and – dare I say – chic signature drink, the Aperol Spritz.

Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional, slightly bitter orange sensation of Aperol at new friend Millie Ramsauer‘s house in Naples, Florida. Millie and her husband Dieter reside primarily in Dusseldorf, Germany; upon learning my husband is in the hospitality beverage marketing business, she decided she would attempt to enlighten us with a pre-dinner cocktail that perhaps we weren’t familiar with.

We were immediately transfixed as we watched her open and pour Italian Prosecco over ice into lovely balloon glasses, followed by the Aperol liqueur and finally topped with a splash of soda water and an orange wedge garnish. It was as if everything wonderful that I love to indulge in was in the glass! They say it’s like sunshine in a glass and truer words were never spoken. Thank you, Millie, for providing me with this sensational cocktail that is poised to be my “go to” for the summer and for that matter, year round. It has the fizz and bubbles of the Prosecco, along with the taste and tantalizing aroma of orange peel, herbs and a slight hint of vanilla – not too sweet, just right. And with a lower alcohol content of 11 percent, it practically energized me rather than slowing me down.

The Barbieri brothers initially introduced Aperol in 1919 at a state fair in Italy. Its exact recipe remains unchanged and is well-kept secret to this day. Aperol is wildly popular and has quite a large, loyal following in Italy, of course, and across Europe. This hot global trend has now descended upon the U.S. market with impressive finesse.

aperol spritz The Aperol Spritz is the perfect addition and will also add certain flair to any brunch. Goodbye for now to your standard mimosa and hello to the Aperol Spritz.

Aperol USA and its parent company, Campari America, are currently running a consumer promotion for the summer between the months of June and August. They have formed the Aperol Brunch Society with a goal of bringing their signature spritzer to the forefront, and to relate to consumers a belief that brunch is not just an ordinary weekend meal but also a lifestyle to be savored. And what better libation could there be to sip and savor at brunch than the Aperol Spritz.

They have hired four chief brunch officers (CBOs) to head up chapters in New York, San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles. The CBOs will gather with new and old friends at each city’s brunch hot spots to spread the word about the Aperol Spritz.

“Brunch is America’s weekend darling and the Aperol Spritz is the perfect drink for this treasured pastime with its low alcohol content and crisp, zesty orange taste. It’s stunning to behold, delicious to drink and as easy as 3-2-1,” says Kathleen Schuart, senior marketing director, White Spirits, Campari America. “As the Aperol Spritz trend grows quickly in the U.S., we need people we can trust to make sure the Aperol Spritz is being made and enjoyed properly, so we’ve launched the ‘Brunch For A Living’ job search to find the ideal candidates to spread the word about the next great summer cocktail. I think the boring mimosa’s days are numbered.”

Fun Fact: In Veneto, Italy, the homeland of Spritz, around 300,000 Aperol Spritzes are consumed every day – more than 200 Spritzes a minute. Source: BevNet


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