Hospitality Executive Exchange (HEE) West

Hospitality Executive Exchange (HEE) West kicked off the New Year in beautiful San Diego with more than 100 key suppliers and operators. The event is a unique take on a traditional conference, with face-to-face meetings, networking, education and some fun! HEE West had a great lineup of speakers with Tony Abou-Ganim, Dale DeGroff, Michael Bombard, Tim Kirkland, Kathy Casey, Philip Raimondo and the William Grant Whiskey Boot Camp. The core of the program is the one-on-one meetings, which have brought a new dynamic to the food and beverage industry.

HEE has taken a fresh approach, creating an intimate and successful conference that truly focuses on relationships and has quickly become a favorite in the industry. The Exchange is a great way to have quality time while not feeling pressured or pulled. It also provides a tremendous opportunity to do business in a very productive way. Planning for HEE East is underway and that conference will be held this summer. For more information on becoming a select supplier or an invited operator, please contact Jen Robinson, jen@thepineapplegroup.net, 662-816-4426.