Wine Quiz

The Society of Wine Educators’ free app, SWE Wine and Spirits Quiz, is available on all platforms. Just look for it in your app store or go to It offers a series of fun, educational quizzes covering the five major categories: red, yellow (white wines), spirits, sparkling and dessert wines. Here are this issue’s sample questions. The answers can be found on our website,

1.   What is the leading red grape of Burgundy?
a) Cabernet Sauvignon
b) Pinot Noir
c) Merlot
d) Malbec

2.   What is the main grape in Chateau Petrus?
a) Pinot Noir
b) Tempranillo
c) Merlot
d) Cabernet Sauvignon

3.   What grape is grown in Chablis?
a) Chenin Blanc
b) Sauvignon Blanc
c) Semillon
d) Chardonnay

4.   Which wine is most likely to show an aroma of “petrol”?
a) White Bordeaux
b) Soave
c) French Gewürztraminer
d) Mosel Riesling

5.    Where is Metaxa produced?
a) Italy
b) Spain
c) Greece
d) France

6.   What Spirit is produced in Peru?
a) GranGala
b) Tequila
c) Rosolio
d) Pisco

7.   Which of the following regions produces rose – and nothing else?
a) Cassis
b) Tavel
c) Anjou
d) Côtes de Provence

8.   What wine is produced in Jerez de la Frontera?
a) Commandaria
b) Banyuls
c) Sherry
d) Madeira

9.   What causes the “angel’s share”?
a) Double distillation
b) Bottle aging
c) Evaporation
d) The use of dunder

10.  What spirit is distilled from sugarcane?
a) Comiteca
b) Mezcal
c) Brandy
d) Rum


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