Wine Quiz


The Society of Wine Educators’ free app, SWE Wine and Spirits Quiz, is available on all platforms. Just look for it in your app store or go to It offers a series of fun, educational quizzes covering the five major categories: red, yellow (white wines), spirits, sparkling and dessert wines. Here are this issue’s sample questions. The answers can be found on our website,

1. Which of the following is a “noble grape” of Alsace?
a) Pinot Blanc
b) Riesling
c) Chasselas
d) Chardonnay

2. What is Morillon?
a) Roussanne
b) Sauvignon Blanc
c) Chenin Blanc
d) Chardonnay

3. Which of the following is a sparkling wine?
a) Saumur
b) Graves de Vayres
c) Coteaux du Vendômois
d) Schilcher

4. What gives red wines their red or purple hue?
a) Resveratrol
b) Flavonols
c) Anthocyanins
d) Tannins

5. What area is most likely to produce a 100 percent Carménère wine?
a) Jura
b) Salta
c) Alto-Adige
d) Rapel Valley

6. What type of technique is “pumping over”?
a) Crushing
b) Cap Management
c) Pressing
d) Temperature Control

7. What grape is used in Bourgueil?
a) Pinot Noir
b) Malbec
c) Cabernet Franc
d) Carignan

8. What wine making technique can be used to avoid tartrates?
a) Débourbage
b) Cold Stabilization
c) Malolactic Fermentation
d) Bâtonnage

9. What region is known for “pot still whiskey”?
a) Bourbon County
b) Islay
c) Ireland
d) Campbelltown

10. Which spirit uses a solera system?
a) Brandy de Jerez
b) Pisco
c) Pacharán
d) Seco Herrerano

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